What is Keyboard? Types of Keyboard
What is keyboard?

What is Keyboard? Types of Keyboard

What is Keyboard?

A keyboard is a peripheral to a computer, which is partly like a typewriter’s keyboard. The keyboard is designed to input text and characters. Physically, computer keyboards are rectangular. It contains about 108 Keys. The keyboard has many types of keys (Alphabet), Number, Number, Symbol, Function Key, Arrow Key and some special Keys as well. Are

Types of Keyboard Layout –

The special layout of keys (Keys) on a keyboard is called a keyboard layout. The keyboard layout itself determines the texture, shape and type of the keyboard.

Today various layouts of computer keyboards are available. Different countries of the world have developed keyboard layouts according to their language and script.

We can divide all these keyboard layouts into two broad categories:

  • QWERTY Keyboard Layout
  • Non-QWERTY Keyboard Layout

1 – QWERTY Keyboard Layout –

QWERTY keyboard

This is the most popular and used keyboard layout. It has been adopted worldwide. And the same layout is used in modern computer keyboards.

Some other Keyboard Layouts based on QWERTY Layout:


2 – Non-QWERTY Keyboard Layout –

Non QWERTY keyboard

Keyboards where QWERTY Layout is not used to set keys are called Non-QWERTY Keyboard. Some Non-QWERTY Keyboard Layouts.

  • Dvork
  • Colemak
  • Workman

Types of Keyboard keys –

We can divide its keys into six parts based on the structure of the keyboard –

  • Typing keys
  • Control keys
  • Navigation Keys
  • Indicator Lights
  • Function Keys
  • Numeric Keypad

1 – Typing Keys –

These keys are most commonly used. Typing keys include both types of keys (alphabet and numbers), collectively called Alphanumeric keys. Typing keys also include all types of symbols and punctuation marks.

2 – Control Keys –

These keys are used alone or with other keys to perform a certain task. In a normal keyboard, most of the Ctrl key, Alt key, Window key, Esc key are used as control keys. Apart from these, the keys like Menu key, Scroll key, Pause Break key, PrtScr key etc. are also included in the control keys.

3 – Navigation Keys –

Navigation keys contain Arrow keys, Home, End, Insert, Page Up, Delete, Page Down etc. They are used to move around in a document, webpage etc.

4 – Indicator Lights –

The keyboard has three types of Indicator light (indicator). Num Lock, Scroll Lock and Caps Lock. When the first light in the keyboard is lit, it means that the Numeric Keypad is turned on, and if it is closed it means that the Numeric Keypad is off. Secondly, light indicates to us about Uppercase and Lowercase of letters. When it is closed, the letters are in lowercase, and when it is moving, the letters are in uppercase. The third, known as Scroll Lock. This indicates to us about scrolling.

5 – Function Keys –

Function Keys is at the top of the keyboard. These are written from F1 to F12 in the keyboard. Function Keys are used to perform a particular task. These have a different function in every program.

6 – Numeric Keypad –

We can also call them Calculator keys, because a numeric keypad has almost the same (some extra) keys as a calculator. They are used to write numbers.

Types of Typing Keys and Their Use –

Tab Key –

Tab is used to give the space of many letters simultaneously. Apart from this, it also has many uses. Tab is also used in some Keyboard Shortcuts.

Caps Lock Key –

This key is used to write all letters in uppercase. When Caps Lock is on, all the letters will be written in uppercase and in lowercase when off.

Shift Keys –

Shift keys are used to write letters in uppercase. In addition, Shift Keys are also used to type the top portion of a key.

Spacebar –

Spacebar Keyboard is the largest key. It is used to move the Cursor one space further.

Enter Key –

The Enter Key is an important key. It is used to start the next line. When Enter is pressed, the Cursor moves to the beginning of the next line. The Enter key also acts as the ‘OK’ button.

Backspace –

Backspace is used to delete the selected text next to the Cursor.

Types of Control Keys and Their Use –

Esc Key –

Esc key is currently used to cancel a task. Its full name is Escape Key.

Ctrl Key –

The full name of Ctrl Key is Control Key. It is used in Keyboard Shortcuts.

Alt Key –

Alt key is full name Alter Key, it is also used in Keyboard Shortcuts.

Window Logo Key –

This key is used to open the Start Menu.

Menu Key –

The Menu Key works in the same way as the Mouse’s Right Click. It opens the options related to a selected program.

PrtSc Key –

This key is used to take an image of a computer screen.

Types of Navigation Keys and Their Use –

Arrow Keys –

There are four Arrow Keys – Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow and Right Arrow. They are used to move cursor and webpage in the direction of Arrows.

Home Key –

Home key is used to bring cursor to the beginning of a document. With this help, a Webpage and Document can come at once.

End Key –

The End Key is used to bring cursor to the end of a document. With the help of this, a webpage and document can go down immediately.

Insert Key –

The Insert Key is used to turn the Insert mode on and off.

Delete Key –

The Delete Key is used to delete the text after the Cursor, the selected text and files and folder.

Page Up Key –

The Page Up Key is used to move the Cursor and a page upwards.

Page Down Key –

The Page Down Key is used to move the Cursor and a page down.

Use of numeric keypad –

The numeric keypad is on the right side of the keyboard. It has numbers from 0 to 9. Along with it, there are also sign of addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and decimal sign.

Numeric keypad in computer keyboard –

Numeric Keypad is used to write numbers. These numbers are also located elsewhere in the keyboard, but they can be written quickly with the Numeric Keypad. Apart from this, Numeric Keypad can also be used like Navigation Keys. Num Lock must be On to use the Numeric Keypad.

Types of Keyboard –

  • Wired Keyboard
  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Ergonomic Keyboard

Wired Keyboard –

wired keyboard

Simple keyboards are keyboards that are commonly used by the user in their PCs. It is rectangular in shape, has about 108 Keys and has a cable to connect it to the computer which is connected to the CPU.

Wireless Keyboard –

wireless keyboard

Wireless Keyboard relieves the user from the use of wire in the keyboard. Some companies have entered the market of wireless keyboards. This keyboard works for a limited distance. This wireless keyboard is a bit expensive and has little technical complexity. Due to technical complexity, its circulation has not been very high.

Ergonomic Keyboard –

Ergonomic Keyboard

Many companies have created a special type of keyboard, which gives the user comfort in typing compared to other keyboards. Such keyboards are called Ergonomic Keyboard. Such keyboards are specially designed to increase the performance of the user as well as to reduce the wrist pain arising due to continuous typing.

In This Article We told about What is keyboard, Types of Keyboard, Types of Keys, Types of keyboard Layout etc.

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