What is Alexa Rank and How to Improve It?
What is Alexa Rank?

What is Alexa Rank and How to Improve It?

Hello Friends Welcome Back to sdigitalworld.If you are a new blogger or you are a experienced blogger, it is sure that you have some doubts.In this article we will tell you about the most asked question “What is Alexa Rank and How to Improve it?“. and it is important to know about this if you are a blogger.

Every Blogger Wants to know That How to improve their website’s Alexa ranking.Because it is a Important factor to attract Visiters to you website.Ans It also describe that how professional your blog is?

If Your website has a good alexa rank, it matters a lot to increase your web traffic. If you have a good alexa rank many other bloggers list your website and you got backlinks from there.

Here in this article we will tell you about What is Alexa Rank and how to improve your website’s alexa rank?

So Let’s Jump into article…

What is Alexa Rank?

Your website’s alexa rank show that how popular your website is in comparision of other websites.it also shows that which position your website got in comparision to others.

Alexa rank is a kind of measure of your website’s popularity. Alexa ranks Millions of websites on the basis of popularity. If any website is on rank number one then it shows this website is most popular.

Alexa Rank reveals about your website’s popularity in comparision of other websites.

Alexa was developed by Amazon in 1996.
Like Google Analytics, This is a website analysis tool. It helps in determining the ranking and popularity of your website.

It also has an extension using which you can check your site’s Global Rank, Country Rank, Backlinks, Bounce Rate, Page Rank.

Benifits of Alexa Ranking

  • Alexa provides information about the website’s traffic.
  • In which country is your website most popular?
  • What is your site’s rank in the whole world?
  • How many websites does your website link to?
  • Where do visitors to your website come from?
  • What is the loading speed of your website?
  • What is your site’s bounce rate?
  • How much time user spends on your website?
  • How many websites are available like your website?

If your website ranks under 100,000, Then you are a successful blogger. This shows that your is website is good. your website comes in top ranking sites.

Benefits of improving Alexa Ranking

  • If your website’s Alexa Ranking is good then many advertising companies will offer you to promote their products.
  • Other Blogs related to your niche will support you.
  • The reputation of your site increases in the blogosphere.
  • Visitors will trust your website and revisit your website again and again.
  • If visitors increases then your earning will also increase.

There are many advertising companies they pay many bloggers to promote their particular products.To find the best websites they check alexa ranking of your website.If it is good they will pay you more money for promotion. it also increases user engagement to your website.

How to Check Alexa Rank?

Here we will tell you the simple and easiest way to check your website’s alexa ranking.For this you don’t need to visit alexa.com again and again. so if you want the simple way then follow these steps.

Step 1 : Visit Alexa.com

Go to the Website Alexa.com/toolbar

Step 2 : Install Alexa Brower Extension

Click on Install Alexa Browser Extension.

Alexa browser extension
install Alexa Browser Extension

Step 3 : Add Extension

You get a new option, Click on Add Extension.

add alexa extension
Add Alexa Extension

Step 4 : Reopen your Browser

After Insatalling and adding extension you have to reopen your browser.

Step 5 : Accept and Enable

On the right side of the browser you get an option named alexa. Click on it and enable toolbar.

accept and enable
Accept and Enable

That’s it the process is completed so after that if you want to check any website’s alexa ranking.Just visit that website and click on alexa symbol on the right side of your browser.

You will get all the information about ranking.

How to Improve Alexa Rank Of Your Website?

To Rank on Alexa is an important term for your website.Here we will tell you about How can you improve you website’s alexa rank. so follow these points to rank on alexa.

1. Write High Quality Content

You already know that in blogging “Content is the King“.So If you are talking about Rank on google, to do perfect seo, to rank your alexa, You have to write quality content.

Quality Content means give the perfect information according to the topic.

If you write Quality content on your blog, readers will like to visit your blog again and again. This improves the bounce rate of your site and also improves your website ranking in Google Search Engine..

Also, if your content is the best, then other bloggers will also link your content to their blog so that you will get backlinks easily. And Alexa Ranking also depends on the number of backlinks. you have to take care of some terms like Don’t copy and paste from other websites.If you do this your articles will not rank on google and Your website’s alexa rank will not improve.

improve alexa ranking

2. Create High Quality Backlinks

If You are a Blogger You know the importance of Backlinks. Creating backlinks means you are linking your website in other website’s blogs. Creating High Quality Backlinks is an old and effective factor. it improves Your website’s SEO and Google ranking.

If you want to improve alexa rank of your website, you need to create high quality backlinks. The more backlinks your website have the More your website rank on SERP. You can do Guest posts in famous blogs, do comments on other blogs.

This time you need to get backlinks from other websites that are related to your blog Niche.Try to get backlinks from high DA(Domain Authority), PA(Page Authority) websites.

3. Share your Articles on Social Media Plateforms

You Write a High quality content article, You did proper SEO.But This is not enough to get more visitors on your website.For this you need to share articles on social media plateforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit,etc.

From Social Media You can get More traffic to your website and this helps you to improve your website’s alexa ranking. Social media is a great plateform to get millions of visitors on your post and website.it also helps your article to rank high on Google.So create accounts on all social media plateforms and when you publish a post share on those plateforms.

4. Daily Post Articles on Your Website

It also matter a lot to update your website with new posts daily.so make sure that you need to post daily on your website.That’s the reason why news websites rank high on google like i

ndia today, CNN etc.Because in News websites The content updated everyday.

There are Millions of websites available on Google if Your Competitor update his content everyday then his website will rank high in comparision of your website.

So to beat your competitor’s Website You need to post Articles every day. It also improves alexa ranking of your website and improve user engagement to your website.

5. Submit your website in Alexa

It is Important to Create an Account in Alexa and Submit your website.It’s Also Important to Submit all info about your blog and about you.

It helps to improve Alexa Ranking of your website.After adding your site to Alexa, be sure to add your site details.

6. Speed up Your Website

It also means a lot that how much faster your Website load. when it takes time to open your website visitors will leave your website and click on another one. so make sure to use AMP version for mobiles. Use cache plugins to clear the cache and make your website faster. There are many free Website speed testing tools that you can use to check speed of your website.

I recommend to use these best tools to know the accurate loading speed of your website.it helps to improve Alexa ranking of your website and help to rank high on google.

7. Add Alexa Browser Extension

i already told you the steps that how can you add Alexa Browser Extension. with the help of this extension you can check alexa rank of any website. You can follow these steps to improve alexa rank and check your website’s alexa rank anytime. it takes some time to rank your website high on Alexa.

How to Create an Account on Alexa?

To create an account on Alexa You can use Your Facebook login id.But with that you can submit one website on Alexa.So Create An Different account to submit all websites on Alexa.

Here We will Tell you the steps to Create an account on alexa.

Step 1 :

first visit the website Alexa.com

create account on alexa
Create Account

You have to choose a trial and Click on Create an account and then fill your email id

Click on Create.

Step 2 :

Check your email where you got a verification link from alexa.com.

email confirmation
confirm email

you have to verify your email id so to do that click on verify now.

After verification a new window opens where you need to setup the password. after that verify the password and click on Submit Password.

choose password
choose password

Step 3 :

After That Submit your website’s Url.

Then click on find.

Step 4 :

After That a new window opens where you see all the details of your website.

Myths about Alexa Ranking That We Believe

There are a lot of Misconceptions regarding Alexa ranking.

Alexa Ranking System Introduced in 1988. with that people start believing in some myths.so we will tell you about those myths.

Myth 1: After Installing Alexa Widget You website’s Rank Improves

Alexa Widget only allows you to promote your website’s rank with visitors. you website’s rank will not affect by installing Alexa widget. You have to follow the points that we told you in this article.it surely help you to improve the ranking of your website.

Myth 2: Alexa only Measures Traffic of those websites who install the alexa browser toolbar

It helps you to check any website’s ranking and the information about your website.But alexa ranking measurement is panel based.

and the websites that install Alexa Certify Code, Alexa directly measure traffic from there. it doesn’t matter if the alexa browser extension is installed or not.

Myth 3: Claiming My Site doesn’t affect The Ranking

When you use a free service that is claim my site so don’t worry it doesn’t affect your website’s ranking. with the help of claim my site option you can add description, contact information and update the information.


So in This Article We told you about What is Alexa Ranking? and How to install Alexa Browser Extention. we described the points to improve your website’s alexa ranking so follow those points.Alexa ranking is also matter a lot to get more traffic. How to create alexa account that we described with in some steps.

We gave you all the essential information about Alexa Ranking. This will definately help you to improve ranking.

Hope you like this Article, Share on social Media as More as You can and Share with your Friends.

If you have any query regarding to this article do comment below we will definately answer and solve your queries. Support Your website,Keep Visiting, we will keep provide such important information that you need.

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