Top 11 SEO Ranking Factors to Rank #1 in 2020
Top 11 SEO Ranking Factors in 2020

Top 11 SEO Ranking Factors to Rank #1 in 2020

Top SEO Ranking Factors in 2020

Hello Guys, I am back with something special information for you that will surely help if you are a blogger. When we talk about blogging the first thing that comes in our mind is SEO.

Without SEO It is very difficult to rank your posts. so if you want to be a pro blogger or you want to rank high on google search engine. Then read this article till the end.

Because in this article i will tell you about “Top SEO Ranking Factors to Rank #1 in 2020”.

Before The SEO ranking Factors Let’s Talk about SEO.

So SEO That means Search Engine Optimization. With Proper SEO We can rank our blog on the First Page of Google and other Search Engines.

SEO Ranking Factors

There are Two types of SEO –

we Have already provided articles on Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO, Go and Check those out.

For Your information Onpage SEO is related to Permalink, Keyphrase, Meta Tags, Meta Discription etc.

and Offpage SEO is related to Creating backlinks, Directories submission, Submit in search console etc.

Now Let’s Talk about Top SEO ranking factors in 2020.

1. Length & Quality of Content

It is the most essential Term to rank High on Search engines. Because in 2020 Your Content should be next level to rank on first page. Because Most of bloggers are writing high quality and lengthy content.So beat them your content should be high Quality and Lengthy.

You have to take care about your content. For writing a Quality Article Keep these Points in your mind.

  • Don’t Over Optimize the Topic.
  • Try to Answer People’s Questions.
  • Use Images According to the Content
  • Make Paragraphes Short.
  • Write According to the Topic..
  • Write Minimum 1500 words Article.

You have to Follow these Points to rank high on search engines. most of the famous bloggers are doing same.

Don’t over optimize the topic. mention the topic only if there is need to do this. When you search for any topic then you also get the questions that people search most, Try to answer all the questions in your article.

Images make your article attractive. Everyone want to read Attractive articles. Don’t make Paragraphes larger because user can be bored. so always make short paragraphes.

Write only about the topic, the information that is related to your topic. Write minimum 1500 word article or more than that. it will help you to beat other websites and rank high in all search engines.

2. High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks define that How many websites you are connected with. It will improve your website’s Ranking. It is an Important Factor to rank High on Google Search engine.

There are options that you can follow to create backlinks.

  • Comment on Other Blogs
  • Guest Post
  • Join Question & Websites

These are the most used and easy methods to create backlinks. Creating Backlinks Is an important part of SEO. But remember that You have to create high quality backlinks. and while creating backlinks check that that website will be also related to your website’s niche.

Before creating backlinks check website’s Domain Authority. These are called quality backlinks.

So with those points That we have mentioned, you can create backlinks easily. The easiest way of creating backlinks is commenting on other blogs. Just select some blogs that are popular and related to your blog’s niche. Do comments on those blogs where you get backlinks.

You can write a quality content post and submit to popular blogs as a guest post. If they publish you get a quality backlinks from those websites.

Join Q & A websites like Quora Answer questions there and drop your website’s link. it is also easy to get quality backlinks and you can also get Good amount of traffic.

Read This –


3. Image Optimization

Image Optimization is also a important factor in SEO. Your Article’s Images also rank in search engines. So Optimize images that you used in your posts. Always use Targeted Keyword in Alt Tags.

If you don’t use Target keyword in alt tag then it is not good for SEO. Because like your Articles, Images will also rank in search engines.

4. Having SSL Certificate (HTTP to HTTPS)

This Time It is essential to keep your website Secure with SSL Certificate. Before Ranking your Posts, Google checks your website is secure or not.

Because If you don’t have an SSL certificate, Users will not trust your website. They won’t visit your website if your website is not secured.

It is essential to having a SSL certificate. If you don’t install SSL certificate, your website starts with HTTP. When you install SSL Then your website will open with HTTPS.

Many of Hosting Providers will also Provide SSL Certificates. If you don’t get SSL with hosting, you can purchase it and install.

5. Website’s Loading Speed

Your website should be fast to rank high in search engines. If your website is loading slow visitors will leave you website and visit another one.

Your website’s speed matters a lot in SEO. so you have to work on loading speed of your website. Like Use Plugins to clear cache that will also help you to increase your website speed. Use Compressed images in your website.

There are a lot of plugins that will help you to load your website fast.

Top 11 SEO Ranking Factors

6. Internal Linking

Internal Linking is Great option to attract more traffic on your website. It helps you in SEO.

Like If you are writing a article and you drop links of your other articles, This is called internal linking. In simple terms Internal linking is to link your article with another one.It will help in improving SEO.

Because of internal linking your website’s bounce rate will decrease and that is good for you. Visitors will spend more time on your website. to drive traffic on other articles it is the best method. It is an important SEO Factor.

Using this You can Increase traffic on your website, and it will also improve your website’s ranking.

7. Perfect URL

Your Article’s Urls should be perfect for proper SEO. with your Url your article’s title should be defined and The Caterogy also should be defined.

Make it short and use your title keyword in url. Don’t make a long url because it is against SEO.

Example :

Dont Make This Kind of Url – Proven Tips To Make Your Blog Popular

Make this Kind of Url – Proven Tips To Make Your Blog Popular

So Don’t make too short or too long Url. it should be perfect for SEO.

8. Social Sharing

Social Sharing is essential to rank your article in some time. So when you publish any article on your website after publishing share on social media plateforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.

Because Millions of people are using social media plateforms. so for promotion purpose you need to share on all plateforms. First create pages of your website on these social plateforms. Share your articles there. it will help you to rank your website or articles as soon as possible. and if you are using social media then you can get a passive amount of traffic on your website.

You also need to add social sharing buttons in your articles. it will help users to share your articles. there are many plugins available on wordpress you can easily install and activate plugin to add social sharing buttons.

Google also get signal if your article is being popular on social media plateforms, Then google rank your article on first page. Because you get many visitors from social media and if your article is great, it can be easily viral with social shares.

You can also check trends on social plateforms. Write articles on trending topics that will help to attract visitors. You can get great traffic from social media.

So start using social plateforms create accounts on all social media plateforms and share your articles.

9. Responsive Design

Having a responsive Design also attract users to visit your blog. For a Responsive design you need to choose a theme that loads fast.

Best Free WordPress Themes –

  • Astra
  • OceanWP
  • Hestia
  • Newspaper Lite

These are some best themes that you can use. after choosing a theme you need to customize the theme. Create menus, sidebar etc to make your website attractive.

Make Sure your website should have a AMP version. Because this time most of the persons are using Smartphones so your website should have AMP friendly design.

For AMP Version you can use many plugins that are available on wordpress.

10. Update your blog

Update is also required this time on daily basis. Because Most of the bloggers are posting articles daily so if you don’t post every day then it is hard to beat those websites.

Updated Blogs are more successful in comparision of other blogs.

Let’s take an example of news websites, they post every day and their articles rank easily in search engines. so if you want to rank your website it is essential to update your website.

Write articles daily and publish on your website. after some time your articles will rank easily in google and other search engines.

11. Use Media Files

It is not essential but it will surely help you to rank your website. because if you are adding a video in your article, it will be easy for users to understand the topic better.

So if you make video by yourself it is fantastic and if you want, you can use other videos that relates to your topic.

It can be helpful for you to rank your articles faster because many of bloggers doing the same. To beat them you also need to do this. it will increase user engagement to your website. So Use Media Files In your articles.


In This Article “Top 11 SEO Ranking Factors to Rank #1 in 2020” we told you about all latest SEO factors to rank high in search engines.

It is not that easy to rank #1 in search engines because in 2020 you need to be good writer and also have some skills to do that properly.Follow All the Points and It will be easy for you to rank your website in google search engine in 2020. All the Points are proven. With the right and quality content or only with creating backlinks it is not that easy to rank #1 on google search engine. you need to follow all the terms. your article should be great and you also need to create backlinks and all the points that we told matter a lot For Proper SEO.

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