Top 5 Freelancing Websites To Make Money Online In 2020
Top 5 Freelancing Websites

Top 5 Freelancing Websites To Make Money Online In 2020

Hi Guys! Welcome Back to your Blog. In This Article we will talk about Top 5 Freelancing Websites to Make Money Online in 2020. This Time You can earn money online from home.You just need to register on these websites and you are ready to go.

According to your skills you get online projects. you need to complete those projects and you will get paid for this.This is the best method to earn money online.

You don’t need any experience and Degrees to get paid. You need to choose work according to your skills.

Skills Like Article Writing, Data Entry, SEO, Backlinks etc are available on Each Freelancing Website.So First define your skills and people will hire you for their work and you get paid for this.

Freelancing websites are the great plateform to make Passive income from your home. You don’t need to go anywhere and search for the job. You can make money more than make money in job. so it is a great plateform to use your skills and earn good amount of money.

it is the best home sitting job. work according to your time and make money from using freelancing websites.

there are a lot of freelancing websites available now. but some of them are fraud like you don’t get paid for your work this time it is difficult to find out the Ligit Freelancing websites.

But in this article we will tell you the Legit Popular Freelancing websites, those are popular all over the world. you get surely paid for your work. there are a lot of people who are making 1000 to 5000$ per month using These freelancing websites.

So it is depend on you how much you work on your projects. the more skills you have the more work you get.

Top 5 Freelancing Websites To Make Money Online

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is one the the popular plateform to earn money online. Here you can work according to your skills and you get paid for every project that you have done.

For this you just need to visit and signup. Add attractive bio and the skills that you have.After Signup login in to your account and create gigs.

Fiverr Freelancing website

In any particular gig you need to add your skills and create packages for people who want to work with you. you can start package with minimum 5$ and add the time limit.

when you start getting projects, work on them and submit those projects. After Submitting,your amount will be added in your Fiverr account you can transfer that amount in your Paypal account.

The Minimum amount that you can transfer to your paypal account that should be more than 20$.

This is a genuine freelancing website so visit and start earning money online.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer is also a most popular website to work online. This website is called GetAFreelancer before. Here you get work according to your sector. it is depend on you in which skill you want to use.

Skills like Web designer, Logo Designer, Article Writer, Dat Entry Etc. register on this website and add your skills.

Freelancer Freelancing website

when anyone visit your profile and hire you for any project, you will get notified. You just need to complete their work and they will pay you for their work.

Here you get more than 100 Job can work here as a freelancer. and sometimes if your work is good then people can hire you for other projects.

Here you can earn money more than a job. you just need a laptop/desktop and a internet connection.

You can transfer money in your paypal account. this is a safe, genuine and popular website.Visit and start earning on Freelancer..

3. Upwork

Upwork is also as popular as freelancer and Fiverr. Here more than 50 Lakh clients are working here and earning money. You get Different Categories here to work on them. choose according to your skills.

For this you just need to register on and add your skills and add about you in your profile. when anyone hired you get notified on your account. works like Logo designer, Article writer, Data Entry, SEO, Backlinks etc available on this freelancing website.

Upwork  Freelancing website

You can earn a lot of money from Upwork. it depend on you how you performed. if you have done every project with all your efforts then the chances of getting other projects will increased. when you got many projects you get for each one.

You can transfer your money in your Paypal account easily. And from paypal you can transfer your money in your bank account. The minimum amount that you can transfer is more than 25$. So it should be a great plateform for you to earn money online.

So Start working on Upwork to earn money online.

4. Guru

The Next Freelancing Website is This is also too popular website. This website’s community is also big. it has more than 1.5 Million members.

This website’s Navigation is also too good and easy to use. there are many jobs available here. you just need to register here and search jobs according to your skills.

Guru Freelancing website

You can earn great amount of money working as a freelancer. Millions of people are getting paid. so it is a genuine website to work.

Jobs like Logo Designer, Website Designer, Article Writer, SEO, Backlinks etc are available on this website. if you have skills then visit this website and start working.

You can earn more than a job here. set your working time you just need to submit your project in given duration and you will get paid for your work. You can transfer your money using Paypal,Credit card, wire transfer etc.

5. WorknHire

This Is also a popular Freelancing website. you can register on this website to earn money online.Here you get both options That you want to work or you want to hire like other websites.

WorknHire Freelancing website

You need to click on you want to work and start working as a freelancer. You get jobs like Article writer, Logo Designer, Data Entry, Web Designing etc. You just need to register on This website and create your attractive profile. That’s it, when anyone visit your profile, they can hire you according to your skills.

After Submitting your work, you will get paid for your work. You can transfer your money using paypal and other payment options.

This is a Genuine website to work and start earning money online.


These are Top 5 Freelancing Websites in 2020, that you can use to earn money online.Millions of people are working and earning money from these websites.

You just need to signup and create an account on these 5 Freelancing is sure that if you have skills to work on then you can earn money more than expected.

Most of the people are earning great amount of money using such types of freelancing websites. These websites takes some small percentage of your earning. It is easy to transfer your money in your bank account.If you are using Paypal then this payment method is available in all these websites.

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