How to Setup Free SSL Certificate Using Cloudflare?
How to Set Up Free SSL Using Cloudflare?

How to Setup Free SSL Certificate Using Cloudflare?

Hello Guys! Welcome Back to our Blog. In this Article we will tell you about How to Setup Free SSL Certificate Using Cloudflare.

If you are a blogger You already know about SSL. If you don’t know What is SSL and how to get free SSL read this Article till the End.

This time when there are many websites on every niches. The competition is too high this time. so every singal thing can affect your website’s Ranking. You need an SSL Certificate for your website.

Many of Hosting Providers give you Free SSL but Many of them don’t provide any SSL.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Stands for Secure Sockets Layer That is a Networking Protocol That is designed for Securing Connections Between client and server over an Insecure Network. when You see any website that starts from https in the Url with a green padlock and when you click on that lock, it shows a secure connection That means that website have an SSL certificate.

SSL establish an encrypted link between web client and web server. When You search for anything and visit a website that have an SSL that make sure the information that you share with that website, no one can access that. It is for security purpose.

Recently in Google Updates it is clear that if you want your website’s ranking to be good then you need an SSL certificate for your website.

when People visit your website if they didn’t find your website secure, most of them leave your website. It can affect your ranking also.

If Any Urls begin with HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) that means they do not have SSL Certificate. If Any of Urls begin with HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) that means they have SSL certificate installed website.

in HTTP websites any third party can intrupt between web client and web server. They can get the information like Email Addresses, passwords and user names etc. so using an SSL Certificate will be a great decision for you.

Types of SSL

Broadly, There are two types of SSL Certificates that are mostly used.

  1. Extended Validation Certificates (EV)
  2. Domain Validated Certificates (DV)

Let’s Explain Both of the SSL Certificates.

1 .Extended Validation Certificates

EV Certificates are used for Those Companies who need a high security system to proctect user’s information. These Certificates are used for Organizations.

When You visit The websites that have EV certificates then you get a green signal in address bar.

EV Certificates are mostly used by Banks and Online Retailers. Because It is recommended for them. For people’s trust they need to use EV Certificate. Because in banks and in Ecommerce websites, it is essential to keep user’s information Safe.

2. Domain Validated Certificates

This is the most used SSL Certificate. DV Certificates are used for medium sized websites because these are issued easily and with in low cost.

Because of DV Certificates Visitors will be able to see all information about the Encryption.Details Of Your Organization will not be shared.

Why do you Need an SSL Certificate for you website?

When you visit any website like job websites where you need to fill information about you. Your Information can be accessed by the hackers if that website doesn’t have any SSL.

Hackers put an small program in any website’s hosting server that can’t be detected. That program will wait in background for the information that will be filled by user. when any user fill any information that program will get active and capture all the information.

For security purpose it is essential to have an SSL Certificate for you website.

SSL is designed for securing connections between web client and web server over an insecure network like internet.

If you have installed an SSL on your website then visitors also trust your website.that is better for user engagement. It also matters a lot to rank higher in search engines.

Benifits of Having SSL Certificate

1. Improve Visitor’s Trust

Just don’t take any other example for that. let’s take your example when you visits any website that is not secured you surely leave that site because i also do that. it improves the trust for your website.

Most of people leave those websites that have not installed SSL Certificate. if you visit those website a warning messege will also shown there that is like “The Connection is not Secure“. that means the information that you filled on those websites are not secured. so for visitor’s trust, it is essential to use an SSL certificate for your website.

2. Secure Information Against Phishing Attacks

Phishing website are same as the popular websites. in other words Phishing websites are the copies of popular websites.Those are used for collecting credit card’s and other bank related informations.

Phishing websites are same as other popular websites but the address is not the same. Those websites also don’t have an SSL Certificate.

EV Certificates will save you from these type of websites. These Certificates will show you Owner’s name and Business name in address bar. so you can easily recognize those websites.Because they can’t get EV Certificates due to Verification.

3. Better Ranking in Search Engine

Google already anounce that to need good ranking in SERP, it is recommended to have an SSL Certificate.When you Convert your website from HTTP to HTTPS, it matters a lot for good ranking. so if you have a website then also you need an SSL Certificate.

How to Secure your Website Using Cloudflare’s Free SSL?

Some times You get SSL Certificates from your hosting providers but some times you didn’t get SSL. so if you already have SSL Certificate on your website then read this for further use.

If you don’t have an SSL Certificate then here i will tell you that how you can install free SSL on your website.

Here i will tell you the steps that you need to follow to setup free SSL on your website.

So Let’s Start…..

Step 1: Visit

Visit in any web browser.

Cloudflare SSL

Step 2: Sign up and create an account on Cloudflare

Enter the required information and click on ‘create account’.

SSL Create Account

Step 3: Now Add you website

you need to add your website in which you want to install free SSL.

SSL Add Website

Step 4: Configure your website

after adding your website Cloudflare scan your website. Click on ‘continue Setup’.

Step 5: Configure DNS Records

After Scaning you will get orange Cloud next to your website’s domain. That shows the configuration is correct.

DNS Records SSL

Step 6: Select Free Cloudflare Plan

There are multiple plans available there. you need to select free plan and then click on ‘continue’.

Cloudflare Plan

Step 7: Update NameServers

Cloudflare Nameservers

First you need to login to the dashboard of your domain provider. and then click on DNS after that delete the nameservers and update with new cloudflare nameservers.

Update Nameservers

Step 8: DNS Management

Once you update the Nameservers, need to comeback to Cloudflare and click on ‘Continue’. It can take up 24 hours to detect new Nameservers. Normally it takes one minute.

Step 9: Set Up SSL For your Website

After Updating Nameservers When you click on continue you will get a new page, If You updated Your Nameservers correctly. After that click on ‘SSL/TLS‘. Scroll down the page and you get a dropdown list. select flexible from that list.

Cloudflare SSL Flexible

Step 10: Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

When you scroll Down that page you get an option ‘Always Use HTTPS‘. Enable that option.That’s It, wait for some hours and you will get your website SSL enabled.

Cloudflare Always use HTTPS

When SSL Certificate will be issued then add* and* separetely.

After that wait for some time and when you visit your website and it’s page, those will load with HTTPS.


SSL Certificate is essential for every website if you don’ want to purchase it then this is the best way to get free SSL using Cloudflare. You can easily install it, you just need to follow these step that i told you.

It doesn’t matter that if you have a brand new website or the old one. you need SSL Certificate in both the conditions to rank higher in search engines.

In this article i told you about all the information that you need to know about SSL Certificate. you can easily setup an free ssl using cloudflare.

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