10 Best Ways To Make Money Online For Students
Make Money Online

10 Best Ways To Make Money Online For Students

If you are a Student and you are searching for the sources where you can Make Money online then you are on the right place.You want to earn without affecting your studies. Here We will tell you the Best Ways to Make Money Online For Students. You can earn money part time or full time using the steps that i am going to tell you.

Here we Will tell you the best ways to make money online.you don’t need to go and work anywhere, just focus on your study and make money online from home.

Some of student can’t afford for study. they have not money for college fees and coaching. or some of students want to be independent so you are on the right place.

Best Ways to Earn Money Online For Students

If you want to earn money online, it is sure that you already search for that. you can find a lot of plateforms to make money online but some of them are fraud. in some of plateforms you don’t get paid for your work.

make money online for students

But In this Article We will tell you the Genuine ways to make money online. using these plateforms you will get paid for your work. You can set your time and work on that time when you want. and you can make a good amount of money form using these plateforms.

It’s totally depend on you to work part time or for full time. so let’s jump in to the article.


If You have writing skills then Blogging is the best plateform to make money online. or If you have good knowledge about any subject you can share with others.Blogging is plateform where you can earn good amount to money. You can also write about any particular Niche in your blog. If you are interested in something then write posts about that and publish on your blog.

For this you have to buy a domain and a good hosting that’s it. Setup your blog and start publishing your content. You can use adsense ads on your blog and per ad click you get paid.you can also do Affiliate Marketing using your blog. it is a plateform from where you can earn passive ammount of money lifetime.

Just work hard when you start blogging and when your blog will be popular then you can earn money more than a job. if you are fond of writing you can make blogging as a carrer. it is best plateform to earn money for long term.

If you want to start a new blog then to get good hosting in cheap price –

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2. Freelancing

Yes If you have any Skills that people required then being a freelancer is a good decision. Skills like writing skills, web design, SEO related skills, Logo designer etc. Freelancing is a good choice to earn money online. The Need is you have to visit some freelancing websites and register on them with few details.

If you are fond of writing then become a Article writer and people will pay you for the articles they need. If you have other skils like web designing then people will pay you to design their websites.

In some Freelancing websites you have to participate in a english grammer test. where you get multiple answer questions and a limited time.when you pass this test you will be able to write articles. It’s easy to pass this test if you are good in english grammer you can easily pass this test.

When you start getting Sales then you get rating for your work. when people search for article writers if your profile is well managed it will shown in search. and with your work you can also set the price for articles. when you complete your task people will pay you for that. and you can earn passive income here according to your skills.

Here are some best Genuine website to start Freelancing –

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • PeoplePerHour
  • TextBroker

3. Become Online Tutor

If you have Knowledge in any Acadmic Subject or Non-Acadmic Subject you can earn good money from teaching online.You just need a good internet connection and a desktop or laptop.If you have teaching Skills then you can teach students using skype.

You can also make videos and set a price for your course. if anybody will interested they can purchase the course. There are many plateforms where you can post your teaching videos and they will pay you a good amount of money.

According to me this is a best way if you are students and you teach others, it improve your skills. you get a better income and experience from teaching online. it improves your knowledge and you also earn good amount of money from here.

Here are some best websites where you can search for online teaching jobs.

  • Tutors Home
  • TutorZilla.com
  • TutorVista.com
  • Tutor.com

You can also make videos and post on youtube. set a price of your course and upload on youtube.

earn money online

4. Affiliate Marketing

With Affiliate Marketing you can earn a lot of money. it’s depend on your marketing skills. if you have skills to sell any product you can earn easily.

In Affiliate Marketing you have to register as a affiliate in Some websites. after registering you get products or services to sell. you just have to promote links on social media plateforms like facebook, instagram, twitter etc.

If you have a website then you can put Affiliate banners on your website and write articles. when anyone purchase affiliate products or services then you will get a good commision for each product.

Using Hosting affiliate you can get 65$ per sale that means 4550 Rs in just a single sell. so it’s depend on you that how you promote Your Affilate Products.You can earn passive income from using Affiliate Marketing.

Here is the List of some best affiliate networks.

  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Bluehost Affiliate
  • Hostinger Affiliate
  • Hostgator Affiliate
  • Click Bank

Choose from the list and visit that website and register as a Affiliate.Promote Their products and services and earn money.

5. Data Entry

Data Entry is an easiest job for students. To do Data Entry you don’t need any skills. you just have to type the data that is given. You just need a computer or laptop for this.You Typing Speed should be better. you get work from some websites which provide data entry jobs.you have to enter the data with accuracy and with in the given time.

Here is the list of Genuine website which offers data entry jobs.

  • Freelancer.com
  • PeoplePerHour.com
  • Guru.com
  • Clickworker
  • The Smart Crowd


For this If you have any skills like acting or in any other field, You can make video and upload on youtube. This time many people are making videos on youtube and they become famous.they earn money to monetize their youtube channel. and after become famous they got many sponsorships, for promotion of products on their Channel.

If you have any skills like Giving reviews, acting, tech etc you can be famous on youtube and you can earn passive income from youtube.

7. Translation Jobs

If you know two languages better then with translation jobs you can earn money. Many People and Companies need help to translate their documents, audio files , Papers etc.

If you know Languages that are in demand, you can generate a passive income here.You can also do translater jobs. there are many companies which offer translation jobs.

Here is the List of some Genuine Websites where you can find Translation Jobs.

  • Translaters town
  • Translatersbase
  • Translation Directory.com
  • Wordlingo
  • WordExpress
  • SDL

8. Surveys

It is also be an easy way to earn money online. It depends on you how many surveys you did. you get paid for this.

There are many survey companies they pay you for doing online serveys. For This you just have to search for survey companies and after that register on these companies. From there you get Online Surveys. when you did complete your task you get paid for every survey.

Here is the list of Survey websites where you can earn a good income.

  • Pinecone Research
  • Toluna
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Swagbucks
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Survey Savvy

9. Selling Online

It can be a better option for you to earn money online. There are many online selling plateforms where you can sell your old stuff.

Best option is if you have nothing to sell, just purchase from market and sell that online at higher price.from here you can easily earn money. you just have to find some demanding products and search for those products in market at low price.Purchase those products and sell them at higher prices.

There are many online selling plateforms where you can register and start selling. here is the list.

  • Amazon.com
  • Ebay
  • ThredUp
  • Facebook Yard Sale
  • Etsy

10. Website Testing

Some of website owners pays for their website testing. you have to test their site and give feedback on their website. The test can taken 10 to 20 minutes. for every testing you get paid 10 to 20$ or according to the time of the testing.

You just need a webcam and Microphone to do website testing jobs.

Here is the list of popular websites which provide website testing jobs.

  • Userlytics.com
  • UserTesting.com
  • YouEye.com


So If you are a student and you want a earning source then these are the best and genuine way to make passive income.You can do these as a part time job when you are free you can do that to earn extra cash.

Some of jobs that you can do as full time jobs also. because from those jobs you can earn a lot of real cash just in some time.

In This Article we told you the best working, Genuine ways to make money online.for all the jobs that i told you about, you just need a laptop and a good internet connection.

Register on these websites according to your skills and start earning good amount of money from these websites.

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