How to Make Money on Amazon – A Beginner’s Guide
Make Money on Amazon

How to Make Money on Amazon – A Beginner’s Guide

Hey Guys Welcome to our blog, We have something Interesting for you. In This Article we will tell you about “How to make money on Amazon”. You already Know about Amazon.

Amazon is the Biggest Ecommerce Company In all over the world. On Amazon You get many products like Household, Electronics, Fashoin etc. You can buy any thing from amazon and amazon will deliver your product at your home.

You can not only Buy anything from amazon But also Earn From amazon. Here we will tell you about best ways that you can use to make money from Amazon.

There are million of people who order and sell from amazon. there are also many other Ecommerce Websites but Amazon is most popular website.

In This Article We will tell you that how can you make money on Amazon Just from your home.

How to Make Money on Amazon : Step by Step Guide

In Today’s Time There are a lot of options that you can use to make money online. Making Money online is the best and popular option that you can choose this time. and Trust me it works better than job.

One of the option is amazon. when you start finding online work to earn money, sometimes you don’t get any money. some of them are fraud.

That’s why we cover This Topic in this Article. Amazon is a big brand so if you are working on Amazon, you can earn passive amount of money here.

Amazon is a biggest shopping website. You can earn money from amazon just working from home. remember that i am not going to tell you any tricks that you can use to make money But i am telling you the genuine ways to earn money from Amazon.

So Let’s get Started….

1.Become An Amazon Affiliate

Most of you already know about Affiliate Marketing. If you don’t know we will explain it.

Many popular companies have affiliate service. You have to choose any of them like choose Amazon affiliate and search for it then register as a affiliate.after this you get a link that you need to promote. with that link if anyone purchase any thing then you get a commission for it.

You can also choose products and get your affiliate link and promote it. it is the best work that you can do from home.

In amazon Affiliate you get all kind of products that people need daily. you just have to promote products. for that you need a website but if you don’t have any website then don’t worry, You can also use Social media plateforms to promote Amazon’s products.

It is easy if you have targeted users. because Amazon is a big brand and Millions of people are connected with Amazon. So everyone trust on It’s products also so it make easy to sell products and get good commission.’

From Being Amazon Affiliate you can make a passive amount of money. most of people already doing this. because In this you don’t need to have any products you just have to sell other’s products and you get a good commission for it.

Many Of people are making 1 lakh or more than that in a month from amazon Affiliate. so if they can, you can also do this. You just have to fill simple registration form and that’s it, you are an Amazon Affiliate.

If you have any website write articles on products and put an affiliate link. you can also put banners on your website.

If you want more information About Amazon Affiliate Program Read This –

Amazon Affiliate

2. Become an Amazon Seller

It can be better option for you. If you have any products that you are selling in the market. if you have any skills to made any kind of products. Then this option can be better for you.

For this you need to have some products or you can purchase from any wholesale market in cheap price. and you can sale on Amazon.

To Become an amazon seller you just need a GST number. for this you need to visit GST website and apply for a GST number. In one or two weeks you will get it.

Then Visit Amazon’ s website and click on Amazon seller account. Fill a Simple Registration form and that’s it.

It is most profitable way to make a passive amount of money. because on Amazon you get a great amount of traffic. so the possibility of selling your products will increase by 50 – 80%.

you just need to list your products on Amazon and set the product’s price. That’s it you can earn a passive amount of money in comparision of your shop. because you just don’t need a shop for selling your products. when anyone order that, you get notified on your Amazon’s seller account. you just need to put that product and Amazon courier will pick up that product and will deliver on it’s address.

After Payment you get that amount in your account in 3 to 4 days. It is also better for girls Housewives who don’t want to do any job. because in this you can work from home and earn a passive amount of money.

For Delivery Service Amazon will take Small commission from you. you can sell many products as you want. so it will be the profitable way to make money on Amazon.

3. Work From Home For Amazon

If you want a Home based job on Amazon, yes you can get it. You can work as a Virtual Customer Care on Amazon. It is a better home based job. If you know any language better, it can be Hindi, English etc.

You can get 10$ per hour for being a virtual Customer care. If you belongs to that area where this service is provided. Then you can apply for this Home based job.

There are many Areas where you get this service. It can be a short time job but if you are passionate about your work then you can be a permanent employ on Amazon.

There are many other Technical positions that you can apply for on Amazon But For that you should be from a Technical Background. If you are not then apply for Virtual customer care job and you can make a good amount of money.

4. Sell Your Products Using Amazon’s FBA

Do you know about Amazon’s FBA Service? If you don’t know then don’t worry we will tell you about this.

FBA stands for FulFilled By Amazon. Basically it is like an amazon seller. so the diffrence between both is that on Amazon’s FBA service you don’t need to keep products, pack products and wait for pick up the products. You just need to send your all products to Amazon’s Warehouse. That’s it after that when anyone purchase anything Amazon will send from your products that are available in warehouse. you don’t need to do any thing. after payment you amount will be added in your account in 4 to 5 days.

It is best if you are Purchasing products from Wholesale online market. you just put amazon’s warehouse address in place of your delivery address.

This is best service provided by amazon. If you are doing any Business or job, you can easily do it from home. it will help you to double your income using Amazon’s FBA Services.

You just need to register on Amazon’s FBA Services after that you can send your products to It’s Warehouse.

Amazon will take small Amount of money for this service.

5. Sell Ebook on Amazon

Yes, You can sell your Ebook on Amazon and Make Money with it. I know it takes time to write an Ebook. some of you don’t want to do these kind of things.

But If you are Blogger or a Freelancer and you have writing skills you can write an Ebook and Publish on Amazon. Amazon will take some commission for it but you can make good amount of money by selling Ebooks.

In This you don’t need to buy anything just give some time and complete your Ebook and publish it. you can also use paid ads to increase your sell.

With the help of Amazon Kindle Direct publishing Service you can write and publish an Ebook in less than 5 minutes.

There are a lot Ebooks availbale on Amazon. You can also do it. This can be a option to make money on Amazon.

6. Amazon Flex

To Make Money on Amazon, Amazon Flex can be a good option for you. with this you can make some money.

So Let’s talk about Amazon Flex.

In Amazon Flex you will get paid for delivering the Amazon’s Product. First you need to Register on Amazon Flex. and after get approved you can start your work. in this you will get paid 120 – 140rs per hour in india and 20 – 25$ in some countries. You need to select near by locations and pick up the products and deliver at it’s address.

For this program you need a smartphone and a bike. For students it can a better option for their pocket money. you can choose time according to yourself and work on that time.

you can’t make passive amount of money using Amazon Flex. it is for side income.

If you want to know about how to create account on Amazon Flex and Much more Information then Read This –

Amazon Flex

Bonus Points

If you are newbie and you want to work with Amazon as a seller then keep these things in your mind.

  • Search for most selling products that can easily sell on Amazon.
  • Order Minimum amount of Products.
  • calculate all the things like purchasing cost, profit, selling cost etc.
  • Try to use Discount coupans to increase your sell.
  • Promote your products as much as you can.

First thing that you need that is research. Not all products will easily sell on amazon. you need to choose highest selling products that can easily sell. after this you need to order minimum amount of products or if you are purchasing offline then purchase some of products.

After That Calculation is must. you need to prepare yourself for this.calculate all amount profit, selling cost etc before starting. after listing your products, if you sale is good or not, you can increase it by Discount coupans. add discount coupans on your products, it attract visitors.

Promotion can increase your sell. so use social media plateforms to promote your products and tell people about the discounts. and if you can invest, you can promote through paid will increase your sale and earning.


So in this Article we told you about the ways that you can use to make money on Amazon. these are the Legit ways. using these ways you can earn a passive amount of money.before doing this prepare yourself for this.

Without a Perfect Strategy you can’t make passive amount. so You have to take care of all the things like Buying cost, Amazon’s Share, Profit, Selling cost etc. if you are doing this first time, we suggest you to go for a minimum amount. after this you can invest as much as you want.

Because it is not that easy to sell products on amazon because the Competition is too high. you need to set price according to all the sellers. if you set high price in comparision of others then no one buy your products. so with a perfect strategy you can start earning with Amazon.

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