How to Increase Website Traffic? Get More Organic Traffic
How to Increase Website Traffic?

How to Increase Website Traffic? Get More Organic Traffic

Not Getting Traffic On website whether It is on Blogger or on wordpress, It is Every new Blogger’s Problem. In This Article We will tell You about The Best Steps to Increase Your Website Traffic or to Get More Organic Traffic to Your website.

It is Easy to Start Blogging But To Get More Traffic on Your Blog, it is Really a Difficult Thing.

But After Reading This Article it will be Easy for you to Increase Your Website Traffic. If You read and Implement The Points That I am Going to tell you about.

So Let’s Jump In to the Article.

1 – Write High Quality Content –

This is the first and necessary step to increase website traffic. Quality Content means the content that you write in a blog post that is useful and easy to solve the visitor’s problem.Google will Pick These kind of quality posts and put on number one position.

The reason is that your content will not be useful to the visitor and if Your Content is unable to solve the visitor’s problem, then he will not like to visit your site again.

Increase website traffic

Also Google focuses more on quality content and gives them top rank in search engine. However, when Google ranks a content, it uses a variety of ranking factors. But content quality is still very important.
Your content length matters a lot in search engines. Long content gets better performance (rank) and more traffic in search engines than short content. So always try to write detailed, high-quality, lengthy posts.

You Noticed That The content That ranks on 1st position For any Keyword have more than 2000 keep that in your mind to Rank Your Website This time You Have to write a lengthy and useful Article.

Lengthy artcile means Write everything that is related to your topic, Do not write unnecessary Things.

2 – Increase The Loading Speed of your Website –

If your site takes longer to load, then Google will not rank your site well in search results. The reason is using Google page speed Insights as a ranking factor. So you need to pay attention to it.

Also, visitors also do not like to visit the slow loading site. They immediately exit the slow loading site and do not visit that site again. Due to the immediate exit, the site’s bounce rate increases, which is not a good thing in the eyes of Google.

There are Many kind of Unnecessary Data on your website that will cause slow speed of your website. so To Fix them Follow these tips.

Tips For Increasing website speed –

  • Optimize Your website’s images
  • Delete Unnecessary Plugins
  • Delete Unwanted media
  • Minify CSS and Java Script Files
  • Manage Redirect URLs
  • Use a Cache Plugin

To Check Your Website Speed and The Issues you can use these free and best websites.

3 – Keyword Research –

Keyword research is very important to increase website traffic. This is the best step in SEO.

If you regularly publish a unique and very useful article on your blog, but do not do Keyword Research for the article, then your site will not rank in Google search result and your site will not be able to get Oragnic traffic.

Doing Keyword Research is Not Difficult There are Lots of paid and free Tools available. which help you to get big volume and low difficult keywords related to the topic.

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How To Do Keyword Research For SEO

The Best Keyword Research Tool is ahref but it is a paid tool.

Free Best Keyword Research Tools –

Using These Tools You will be able to find out best keyword for your topic.

without keyword research don’t write any article.Use Long Tail Keywords.

4 – Use Long Tail Keywords –

Long tail keywords can play an important role in increasing your website traffic. They are highly targeted. Also help to increase organic traffic to your site.

For example, I am looking for an Offpage SEO article, so I will not search by writing only SEO. Because I will not get accurate results. So I have to search by writing OffPage SEO.

Very short search is done in search engine with short tail keywords, because we know that search engine will not give us accurate results.

You too must have done a search in the search engine by writing a complete question. Because you get accurate results.

Use These Tools For Long Tail Keywords –

Google Autocomplete Tool –

This Tool allow you to find out Long Tail keywords For any Niche.Here, you have to type your main keyword. This will show you a list of long-tail keywords. You just have to choose the best long-tail keywords from it.

Google Auto Suggest –

For This Tool You have to Type Main Keyword and it will automatically suggest other related keywords.

Google auto suggest

Google Keyword Planner –

Google keyword planner is the best and free keyword research tool which has been developed by Google. With the help of this, you can easily find any type of keyword whether it is long tail keyword or whatever. Using this Google keyword planner tool, you can find out keyword competition, Search Volume, CPC and much more.

Ubersuggest –

It is a Popular keyword research tool developed by SEO Expert Neil Patel.With the help of this tool you are able to find out long tail keywords and you can also check the keyword difficulty, search volume and CPC.

Google Related Keywords –

If you are looking for a free long tail keyword tool, this can also be helpful for you. When you search for anything in Google, after the search results, you see some keywords below which are long tail keywords. You can use these as long tail keywords in your article. Using These suggested long tail keywords will also help in SEO.

Google related keywords

Answer The Public –

Google and Bing Provides This type of Useful thing.It provides a unique Keyword research proposition. Using this tool, you can easily find long tail keywords. It also shows related keywords for the keywords you search for.

Benifits of Using Long Tail Keywords –

  • Less Competition
  • High Volume so You can get more Traffic
  • You can easily rank with Long Tail Keywords
  • Also Rank For short keywords

5 – Create High Quality Backlinks –

Backlinks is a Best Factor to rank your particular post and Website.It also help you to increase Website’s Domain Authority, Traffic and Ranking.

But You have to create high quality backlinks on High DA and PA websites.If you want to increase your website traffic, always try to create high-quality backlinks. 100 quality backlinks equals 1000 low-quality backlinks.

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6 – Optimize Website’s Images –

It is very important to use optimized images in your blog posts.because when the size of images are high, it decreases the loading speed of your also affect the rank of your website and posts.if you use high sized images then it will take time to load your page.

Use Alt Tags For the images that you are using in your blog post.There are lot of tools and plugins That you can use for image optimization.

7 – Use SSL Certificate for your website( HTTP to HTTPS ) –

SSL certificate is also help your Website to rank better.

Sites that have HTTPS enable are getting better rank in Google search results.

Google Chrome started showing Unsafe to sites that are still using HTTP. And when any visitors see such an (Unsafe) message, they immediately exit from that site. As a result the website loses that traffic.Many Hosting Provide you Free SSL Certificates and some of them do not provide free SSL, You have to purchase and enable it.

You can Get Free SSL using Cloudflare so if your website don’t have SSL, Register on cloudflare and add your website.Cloudflare also provide firewall to your website.

If your site is still HTTP, move it to HTTPS immediately.

8 – Add Your Website on Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tool –

If You want Your website to show in Google and Bing Search Engines, Add Your website in these Search engines.and after Publishing a Post submit URLs in these Webmaster Tools.

This will Help you to index your posts in Google and Bing Search engines.

Regularly check errors such as mobile issues, security issues and crawl errors occurring in Google Webmaster Tools. If you have too many Errors on your site, Google will crawl your site very slowly. To fasten the crawl process, fix those errors as soon as possible.

Take special care of the security issues encountered in Google Webmaster Tools. Reason: When Webmaster Tools notifies you of security issues but you do not take it seriously, Google will reduce your site’s ranking.

9 – Guest Post –

Guest post is also a very effective way in increasing the traffic of your website. When you guest post on another top blog and when the visitor of that blog likes your post, then he will also visit your blog. This will increase views on your website. And at the same time, he may also become the reader of your blog.But It’s a Difficult to take permission from Top Bloggers to Publish Guest Post.But Some Bloggers Give you permission to Publish Guest post If your Post has high quality content.

Apart from this, you also get a Do-follow backlink by Guest post. Which improves both DA and Ranking of your site.

10 – Use Social media to Promote Your Blogs –

Today every user engages with social media sites. So after publishing your post, do not forget to share it on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. These platforms can bring a lot of traffic to your site.

To Promote Your posts, Create Pages on Social Media Platforms and Link To Your website. It will help your website to get more traffic from social media.

11 – Internal Linking –

When You Publish a Post Then Don’t Forget To create Internal Links.Like Use Your old posts in your New post’s Content and hyperlink Those Keywords.It will help you when visitor wants more information about that topic he clicks on the links and it will help your website to generate more traffic.

12 – Use Q & A Websites –

It is the best option to get a lot of traffic to your website.after Joining these websites you got questions related to your website’s niche.Ans Those questions and add your website Link in the answer.

Best Top Q & A Websites –

  • Quora
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Linked In Answers
  • Super User
  • Mind the Book
  • Amazon Askville

13 – Comment on Other Famous Blogs –

This is also a good way to increase traffic to your website. When you comment on other blogs, there are many visitors who visit your site through your comment. But your comment should be very attractive. If you comment like “Nice post”, “Very useful article” etc., then no one will pay attention to your comment and neither will click on your comment link.

Try to Write awesome comment and drop your website’s Link.after commenting you will get traffic from there and also you get backlink from that website.So Keep Commenting on Other Famous Blogs that Are Related To Your website’s niche

14 – Write Trending Articles –

Use Google Trends to find out The Trending Articles Related to your Niche.Write a Quality content on Those Trending Articles.It will help your website to get a lot of Traffic because The number of Searches on that Keyword are much more so it will surely help you if you write a High Quality Content.

15 – Use SEO Plugin –

With the help of SEO plugin You can easily manage Onpage SEO.You Can write Custom Title and Meta Discription with the help of SEO Plugin.

There are a lot of SEO plugins available in WordPress But According to me Yoast SEO is The Best Plugin.This is a very popular and best SEO plugin for WordPress site. This helps you understand onPage optimization, or gives you suggestions for onPage optimization. If you are a new blogger, then this plugin can prove to be perfect for you to optimize content.

Yoast SEO

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Yoast Seo : Free WordPress Plugin

Benifits of Yoast SEO Plugin –

  • You Can Change Post Title and Meta Discription with this plugin and make it Seo Friendly.
  • Provide a Focus Keyphrase
  • Also Provide Sitemap Option
  • Adjust Slug and Title
  • If your Article have any Problem regarding to Seo it shows the Errors you can Fix it According to Instructions.

16 – Use CDN –

CDN improves your site performance. It creates a Cache version of the content of your site on its servers and serves the content to the users through the servers that are closest to the user’s locations. This reduces your server load and improves website loading speed.

It will work like a firewall to protect your website from hackers and spammers.

Free and the best CDN service you get in Cloudflare.This is a popular CDN service provider which also provides Free SSL Certificate.

17 – Use a Cache Plugin –

Using a Cache Plugin is a most important thing.The main goal of the Cache plugin is to improve the user experience by reducing the page speed of your site. This makes your site super fast and reduces the load on your server.

There are a lot of Cache Plugins available in wordpress.But According to me W3 Total Cache is the best option.Which comes with features like page caching, browser caching, object caching, database caching and minification.

18 – Generate Sitemap for your website –

Sitemap Is a Important Factor to crawl pages.Sitemap does not boost your site traffic but helps search engine bots crawl your website content better and index them faster in search engines.

You can generate with many sites but if you are using Yoast SEO plugin then there is no need to generate it from anywhere, You can get a option of sitemap you can easily copy and submit it to webmaster tools.

19 – Create an Email List –

You can easily Get More Traffic to your website using email marketing.when you post new articles you can directly send links to all the emails, with it you can increase website’s Traffic.

you can use a newsletter and a subscription pop up in your website. with the help of this you can collect emails and use them to promote your blog posts.

20 – Use a Good Web Hosting –

Your Hosting matters a lot.To Increase your website’s traffic, you will need to use a good hosting.If you make a mistake in choosing a Web Hosting, it will affect both your WordPress SEO and traffic. The reason for this is, your website will remain in downtime most of the time and your site will load very slowly.

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Conclusion –

So In this Article we told you about the tips that you should follow to get a lot of traffic to your website.Follow these steps to get better ranking in Search engines and to increase the website traffic.

If This Article helps you Share on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and share with your friends.

If you have any query regarding to this Article Do Comment below.

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