How to Make Money With Amazon Flex?
Amazon Flex

How to Make Money With Amazon Flex?

If you are searching for a part time job and want to earn money, you are on the right place. Because in this Article “How to Make Money With Amazon Flex” we will give you all the information about Amazon Flex.

If you are a student or already doing a job and want to earn some more money. If you want to earn money from a part time job this will be the best option. This time no body satisfy with their earnings and if you are a student you also need pocket money.

This Article will help you to make money from using amazon flex. Here you can work in your free time, you don’t need to drop your classes or job.

There are a lot of ways to make money online.but you will have to work for few months to get the results.some of online jobs are fraud where you can’t get any money.

but here in this article we will tell you a genuine way to earn money online.

so let’s start.

What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is an opportunity where you can earn money by delivering Amazon Products.

Amazon is the biggest E commerce Company in all over the world. In Amazon You get every thing like Electronics, Household things, fashion etc. on amazon. Millions of people purchase many things every day from amazon.

The work of amazon flex is to give you the orders. you just have to pick that order from courier and deliver on it’s location. You get 120-140Rs per hour on amazon flex. so it is an better opportunity for students and other person who want side income.

The best thing is that you can choose the location near by you and time also. So when you are free you can deliver the products.

Amazon is a biggest E commerce company so you earn real money from using amazon This will be a better choice for you.

Because in any offline and online work you have to give 6 hours minimum. you can not earn 120-140Rs per hour. so it is best part time job.

Amazon Flex was launched in other countries before long. and if you are from any other country except india then you can earn 18-25$ per hour.

In india it is launched in Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai. and it will be launched in other cities soon.

How to Earn Money With Amazon Flex?

amazon flex program

It is best opportunity for students and others who want a side income.Amazon Flex is work like Uber, Ola. In this you have to install Amazon Flex app. and your order locations is on your phone you have to follow the directions to pick up the order and deliver on address.

You get paid 18$-25$ per hour and in india you get 120-140Rs per hour. And there is no boundation of time. any time when you are free you can deliver the order.

You can also earn from amazon flex but i suggest you to join this job as a part time job.because sometimes you didn’t get any delivery.when you get you can earn money but not a good amount.

for joining this program you need to have a bike or other motor vehicle.and you have to submit some of important documents.

Eligibility For Joining Amazon Flex

For joining this program you need to full fill some points.

  • Age should be 18 or 18 Plus For joining Amazon Flex.
  • You should have a bike to join this.
  • Need a PAN Card and other documents of your bike should be complete.
  • It is essential to have a smartphone and a bank account.

It is obivious to be 18 or 18 Plus to get a driving license. you need a bike to pick orders and deliver to it’s location.

Pan card and other documents verify your identity. Having a smartphone is essential thing it is compulsary because you need a camera and a gps to track the location.

to get your payment it’s also essential to have a bank account.

How to Register on Amazon Flex?

Here are the steps that are required to register on Amazon Flex.

  1. First You have to visit it’s Official Website if you are from india then visit –

And if you are from any other country visit –

2. When you visit this site you get a form that you will need to fill.

Amazon Flex Form

3. Click on get the app and install this app on your smartphone.

4. Now you need to login if you have already a Amazon account then login otherwise create a new account then login.

How to Use Amazon Flex?

After Registering on Aamzon Flex you need to know about how you can use amazon flex.

It is easy to use you get all instructions on your smartphone, you need to follow them.

First you will need to choose the area that you are familiar with. you know all the places in that area. Because you have to deliver products in that particular area that you choose.

Choose delivery time when you will be free. after choosing the delivery time. you get all the details about product on Amazon Flex’s app.

After That you have to pick up the products from delivery station and deliver on that Address.

You get all the details in this app so just need to install this app. it is easy to use you get all proper details.

If you are from india You get paid 120 to 140Rs per hour. and for other country users if they registered on .com then they get 18 to 25$ per hour.

So it is a better part time job for side income. if you are a student you can do this job in your free time and make some money with Amazon Flex.

Amazon Flex Insurance

Amazon Provides Insurance for all People who are working with Amazon Flex. The condition is required that you tick on Term & Conditions while Creating your account on Amazon Flex.

Amazon Flex Insurance covers Accidental death and disability.

While picking up the order or delivering the order on it’s address if any one met with any accident then he claim the insurance.

There are many insurance terms and conditions so before filling the form read all the instructions and information.

Amazon Flex FAQ

How we get paid on Amazon Flex?

You have to fill your bank account information. Then earning will be directly added in your account.

Is it Essential to work daily on Amazon Flex?

No It’s not compulsary. it’s up to you which day and which time you will be free. you can choose work time by yourself.and according to your work you get paid.

How much Time it takes to approve your account on Amazon Flex?

it takes 5 to 10 days to get fully approved account. creating an account on amazon flex is easy but to verify your details it takes 5 to 10 days.

Can anyone work an hour and shows that he works more than one hour?

It is not possible because amazon is already prepared for this. you can’t do these kind of things because with amzon flex app they will able to see your location and they will track you while picking up order and while delivering the order.

If any one pick up the order and ran away with that order?

Amazon verify your details that’s why you will have to submit pan card details and other documents. It is not possible if you do this you will have to pay for this.


In this article we gave you all the information so you can easily start your earning with Amazon Flex. After reading this article you will be able to create account and other things that you need to do.

Amazon Flex is a better option if you want a side income. Best thing in this program is you can choose the time according to your choice.and it’s totally depend on you that how much time you want to work.

If any day you are busy in your work you don’t need to work on that day.

also you can select the near by areas so it will easy to deliver products in that area.

So if you are a student and if you already doing a job and you want a side income then this one is the best option for you. It is genuine way to make money online.

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