How to Make Money From Blogging -1000$ Per Month
how to make 1000$ From Blogging

How to Make Money From Blogging -1000$ Per Month

Make Money From Blogging

If Yo want to Start blogging as a career go ahead. in this article we will tell you that how to make money worth 1000$ per month from blogging.If you are fond of writing just make your hobby a Career.from blogging you can earn more than a good job.Just do your work according to yourself.Just do what you Love.So Here are the points that you have to follow to earn 1000$ per month.

Let’s Jump into the Article.

Many of new bloggers quit their journey of blogging.You have to keep takes some time to earn money from blogging.Don’t quit.

i am 100% sure After reading this article till the end You understood and if you follow, if you work hard you can start earning 1000$ per month.

It’s Just a Figure that i take in this Article you can earn more than that.

First we talk about the ways to earn Money from blogging. and after that we will tell you that how can you earn 1000$ per month.

so just read this article till the end.

How to earn Money from Blogging?

There are many ways that you can use to earn money from your monetize your blog you have many options.If you want blogging as a can make it if you have good writing write a blog you can hire someone we talk about those ways that you can use to monetize your blog.

1. Adsense


Yes Adsense is a popular plateform to monetize your blog. i think all the bloggers use adsense to earn money from blog. Adsense is a google advertising network.

For this You have to apply for adsense. after creating your blog Publish some posts and after that apply for adsense. When you got approval, adsense wil show ads on your website and when anyone click on those ads you get some amount.

Earning from adsense is depend on How much traffic your website get and how many of them click on ads. But the first priority to monetize a blog is have to follow the term and conditions.because this time it is not that easy to take approval of adsense.If you don’t follow terms and conditions Adsense will block your be careful while using adsense. you can earn good amount of money from adsense ad network.

2. Alternatives of Adsense

If your adsense approval request is not accepted.Don’t worry there are some best adsense alternatives are available this time. you can easily get approval from these can generate a good revenue like adsense from your blog.

These are also ad networks like adsense, here is the list.

  • RevenueHits
  • InfoLinks
  • Propeller Ads
  • Amazon associates

3. Affiliate Marketing

Second option to earn money from blog is affiliate marketing. from here you can earn a lot of money.there are many best affiliate marketing can join them and promote their products.and when any visitor purchase a product and service you will get good commision.

affiliate program
Affiliate Marketing

You can use affiliate marketing if you are using any ad network or not. you can generate a good revenue from affiliate marketing. If you didn’t get approval of adsense or your blog is brand new then the best option to earn a good amount of money is affiliate marketing.

You can use Amazon affiliate program where you get all products to promote. you can use hosting affiliate networks where you will get good amount of money on every sale.

You can use affiliate ads and Banners in your website you don’t need any other ad network if you are facing problem regarding to approval.

If you want to know more about Amazon affiliate program, Read This –

What Is Amazon Affiliate Program & How To Create Account?

4. Sponsorship


You can also earn from sponsorships.But for this you blog should be popular or have good amount of traffic on your website. If your blog is good enough means the traffic is good.many companies will contact you to sponsor their products and they will pay you great amount of money. in Sponsorship you get the tasks to put their banners on your website, to write some articles on their products. the amount of money is also based on how much time you will show their ads on your website like for a month, for a year, for lifetime.

it is also a great source to generate revenue from blog.for sponsorship work hard on your website like write high quality content, create backlinks etc. if your website’s ranking is good you get many sponsorships offers.

5. Sell Ebooks


If you are a good writer you can create ebooks and sell those on your website. if you want you can sell pdf version of ebooks on your website.i am not saying with use of this you can earn a lot of money but it’s depend on can also sell ebooks with affiliate marketing.

6. Put Ads and Links of other Websites

It is also kind of Sponsorships but here other bloggers who are not getting much amount of traffic on their website they will pay you to promote those websites.But when if your blog is popular.This is also a way to get Good amount of money from blogs.

Some popular blogs also have a option that is paid guest post where they earn a lot money. you can also create a page of paid guest post.many bloggers who want link in your website they will pay you and post article on your you get money and post both.

7. Paid Reviews

Earning money from paid ads is not that easy.if you get good amount of traffic on your website and the rank of your website is good then you get paid reviews. you get paid reviews according to your blog niche. paid reviews means any company and website will pay you to review their website or products.this is like sponsorship but in paid reviews you don’t need to put banner on your website you just have to review in your article.

8. Providing Online Services

You can also provide your services on your website.You can make your blog and website as a community where you provide your online services.Like website designing, SEO services, Article writing etc.If any of your website’s visitor want your service they will contact you and pay you for the service. For this you have to create a page where you define your services with price. you can also put a banner of your services in your website.

So I told you about how many ways that you can use to monetize your blog to earn a lot of money.

Now i am going to tell you about that you are waiting for. That is how you can earn 1000$ per month from let’s jump in to it.

How to earn 1000$ from Blogging? – A Beginners Guide

the reason i told you about how you can monetize your blog is to understand the monetization of website. and now you already know the ways of earning money from blogging.

make 1000$ from blogging
Make 1000$ From Blogging

If you want to earn money from using adsense. it’s possible but when you got 5000 page views daily on your website then you can earn 1000$ from adsense in a month.

If you want to know about how can you increase website traffic read this –

How To Increase Website Traffic? Get More Organic Traffic

Now i am going to talk about what sources you should use to earn 1000$ per month.

  1. Adsense
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Sell Your Ebooks

If you want to earn 1000$ in a month means you should earn 33$ – 35$ daily.

Strategy to Earn 1000$ from blogging

We already know that the main source of earning is Google adsense or you can take any other Ad Network. we put adsense on top position.

and on second Affiliate marketing that we use to earn money. wew use all three ways to make 1000$ every month.

we take a Ratio of –

  • Google Adsense/other Ad Network – 20$
  • Affiliate Marketing – 10$
  • Selling Ebooks – 3 to 5$

So we take a average figure to full fill the targeted amount in a month.If your website has good traffic you can make money more than that.

Now we will discuss about all points that we are going to use.

Google Adsense/Other Ad Network

google adsense
Google Adsense

We talk about Figures to make 20$ with Adsense. Normally we get 0.05$ to 0.10$ CPC, This is the minimum amount that we get. if you got ad clicks from contries like US, UK etc you can get 1$ or more than that. so we take minimum CPC average 0.07$ per click.

So to Get 20$ from adsense you need 290 ad clicks daily. in a blog on per 1k page views you get approx 60 – 70 ad to complete 290 ad clicks daily you need 5000 page views daily on your website.

If your Blog is good you can easily achieve it.if you get clicks from other countries you get more CPC and you can get money more than 20$. Now jump in to the second option that is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

after making 20$ from google adsense or any other network that you are using. we take figures like 10$ from affiliate marketing. it means in a month you have to earn 300$ from affiliate programs. In affiliate marketing you can earn more than that.There are many best Affiliate Programs that you can join to Earn 10$ a day.

affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Join Affiliate Programs related to your blog Niche. it will boost your affiliate earning.Like Amazon associates, Blueshost, Semrush affiliate programs etc.

I suggest you to join hosting affiliate programs because in that per sell you get more than 50$.we talk about bluehost affiliate you get 65$ per sale. it is more than figures you can easily earn 300$ a month using hosting affiliate programs.You have to make 5 sales only to make more than 300$ a i prefer to join hosting affiliate programs.

To make sales you can insert banner in your can also write articles about those Affiliate programs or their services. and you can easily make more than 300$ in a month.

Selling Ebooks

Now we talk about selling your ebooks. to make 3 to 5$ from selling ebooks is easy if you are getting 5000 page views daily.Even you can sell and earn more than that but we take minimum amount that you can make to fullfill the target of 1000$ per Month.


make your ebooks and set the prices and sell it. you can promote your Ebook using Stickey Widget. iam sure if your Ebook is good you can get 50 sales easily. and if you set 3$ per ebook, this is the minimum amount that we will take. you can earn 150$ if you get 50 sales and the target is 90$-100$ in a can easily get it if your ebook is good.


So This is the way to earn 1000$ in a month from blogging easily. it is not difficult you just have to get 5000 page views or 5k traffic to your website.

For this write high quality SEO friendly posts and promote them on social media.create backlinks and in some time you get 5k visitors per day or more than that.

not only 1000$ a month you can earn more than that if you work hard. some of us take blogging as a part time work. but trust me friends blogging is best you can choose it as a career if you have writing is better than job because it’s your work you can work hard and make more than 1000$. In a Normal Job It’s Really hard to get 1000$. So if you love blogging, don’t think go ahead.

Hope you like this Article. If this information help you then share on social media like facebook, twitter etc and keep visiting our site for such type of information.

If you have any Query regarding to this Article Do Comment Below.

Thank You

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