How to get Google Adsense Approval with a new blog?

How to get Google Adsense Approval with a new blog?

This is the most asked question that how can you get google adsense approval for your website or your blog.

If you are one of them or you already applied many times and got rejected then This Article will surely help you. If you follow all tips that we are going to tell you then you can get Google Adsense Approval easily.

Google Adsense is the biggest and most popular Ad Network that most of the bloggers are using.

Adsense is the first source of earning for every blogger. I know that you are thinking that there are many other Ad Networks that you can use to monetize your blog.

But Google Adsense is the the biggest and popular Ad Network to earn passive amount of money in comparision of other Ad Networks.

But It is difficult to most of the people to get Adsense Approval. But here We will tell you the tips that you need to follow to get Adsense Approval Easily.

So First We will know about How to Prepare your blog before Applying for Google Adsense Account.

Prepare Your Blog Before Applying For Adsense

Before Applying for Adsense You need to Prepare your blog for this. This Is the biggest mistake that Many of Bloggers make. That is the reason Why Their Adsense Application got rejected.

When you Start a Blog or website, Don’t apply for adsense instantly.

Google Adsense has some Policies that you need to follow. It doesn’t matter that your website is old or new. You Can get adsense approval for a new website or blog.

You need to focus on some points and prepare your blog according to these points.

Write High Quality Content

Your Blog or Website’s Content Matters a lot. When you choose your blog niche then try to keep this in mind that you are interested in that particular niche.

Because You need to write high Quality Content for Adsense Approval and for ranking high in Google Serp.

Basically to rank Your Article in search engines, it should be more than 700 Words. When you Publish posts more than 700 Words it should be easy to get Adsense Approval.

I am not saying this if your articles are less than 700 words, you can’t get Adsense approval. You can get Approval But when your posts are more than 700 words you chances to get adsense approval will increased.

Content is the King in Blogging field so write high Quality Original Content.

Don’t Copy From any other website, Your Content should be original.

Quantity Of Content

First Thing That you need to do That is write High quality content on your website or blog. Second thing is before applying for adsense try to Complete at least 30 Posts on your website.

Because when you complete 30 articles on your blog or website you can easily get approval from adsense.

sometimes you can get approval less than 20 posts but in this Article i am Focusing on 100 % Adsense Approval Tips.

So i Recommend to complete at least 30 Quality Posts on Your website or blog.

Domain Age

In Some Countries Domain age should be more than 6 months to get Adsense Approval But in 2020 You can get easily approval in just one month of domain age.

Because It is almost take more than 20 days to complete 30 hight quality Articles.

After That you can apply and you can get adsense approval.

First Check the adsense Policies if you are from any specific Country.

Don’t Write Adsense Prohibited Content

Adsense have some policies that you need to follow when writing content on you blog or website.

Content like Adult, Gambling, Drug abuse, Hacking is not allowed for adsense approval.

If you have this kind of stuff on your website then you can’t get Google Adsense Approval.

So if you have content like this then remove it before applying for adsense.

Create Essential Pages

Before applying for Adsense you need to create some pages. These pages are essential to get Adsense approval for you website or Blog.

Pages Like :

  • About Us
  • Contact
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Disclaimer

Before applying for adsense create these pages for your website then apply. Most of the time adsense applications got rejected because of not having these pages.

Remove other Ad Networks

If You are using other Ad networks then remove them before applying for adsense.

Sometimes it can be a reason for getting rejected for adsense.

Adsense Doesn’t support some of Ad Networks. So before applying Remove them. It will Increase the chances to get Adsense Approval.

Design of Your Blog

Your Blog or Website’s Design should be user friendly. Make sure You choose a design that is AMP Friendly.

You need to set proper Navigation to your website or blog. that will help users to find out what they want.

If you are using wordpress you get many themes for free. you can choose simple theme for your blog That will help to increase User Engagement on your website.

This will help you to get Google Adsense Approval For your website.

Using of Copyright Material

Don’t Use any Copyright Material on your website or blog lke images, Videos, Text etc. If you are using images from other sites you will need to mention it.

You can use images, Videos, Text from other sites only when you menion the real credits. Don’t spin Article from other sites on your website or blog.

Write unique original content and if you have permission then use images, videos etc on your site otherwise mention the original credits.

That will help you to get Adsense Approval Easily.

Visiters are not a Factor For Adsense Approval

If your website or blog is Brand new and there are not good amount of users on your website then Don’t worry, Visiters are not a factor to get Adsense Approval.

It doesn’t matter how much traffic your website has. If you write quality content and Your Blog or website’s Quality is good then you can easily get Adsense approval.

Your Website’s Traffic matters when you got adsense approval. For revenue From Google Adsense You need Good amount of traffic on your website.

But before Adsense Approval, good amount of Traffic is not a factor.

Over use of Images

If Your website is about photography or related to only images then it is difficult to get Adsense Approval. Google read Text so you need to include text in your website.

Always Use Alt tags for every images that you use on your website or blog.

When you use alt tags Google recognize it as a text form. It is also helpful to rank your Articles in search engines.

Top Level Domain

If you are using Blogger plateform for blogging then you get the extension at the end of your domain. With this Blogspot Domain you can’t take Adsense Approval.

For this you need to purchase Top level Domain like .com, .in etc.

If you are using Top Level Domains, You can easily take Adsense Approval.


So these are the tips that you need to follow for Adsense Approval.

After Applying for Adsense don’t stop to write articles on your blog or website. Update you site daily, That will also help you to gain good amount of traffic on your website.

If you follow all these steps that i told in this article, it is 100% sure that you can easily get Google Adsense Approval.

These are the best tips of 2020 to get adesnse approval easily. Before Applying Once Check the terms & Conditions of Adsense.

So follow these proven tips and Get adsense approval easily.

Tell me your Opinions if you don’t have adsense approval yet.

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