How To Score 90% Plus on Google PageSpeed Insights?

How To Score 90% Plus on Google PageSpeed Insights?

If You have just started your website and working on it for few months. You work hard to customize your website. It takes much time to design perfectly.

It takes much time to customize your website, it is ok but After customization If you don’t get your website fast as your need. then this will be a kind of headache.

You spent Many days to design your website. If you have a beautiful and well managed website but the speed of your website is not good enough then it is wasted.

Website Speed is a major factor in ranking. When your website’s loading speed is too slow then people will bounce back.

Bounce rate is depend on your website’s page speed.

it is not that easy to increase your website’s page speed. It takes a lot of time and efforts.

To Speed up your website first you need to diagnose the cause. Then you can improve it and make your website faster.

Your Problem could be anything like High Image sizes, Too many redirects etc. you need to find out the problems and fix them.

Thanks to Google to give a best free plateform to check your website Speed. Google provides us a free Tool “Google PageSpeed Insights“.

If you score more than 90% Your website is fast. So to score more on Google PageSpeed Insights first you need to check your websites speed and the problems.

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You can Make your website’s Speed score 100% but for this you need to fix all the problems that makes your website slower.

How page speed affects your website?

Page Speed is a major factor in ranking. If your website’s loading speed is slow then there are minimum chances to rank higher on Google Search engine.

If your websites is not ranking for any keyword on first page of Google’s Search engine results. there are minimu chances of getting clicks on second page.

The majority of getting clicks, websites get only on First page.

Take an Example of you, when you need to search for anything on Google, then you visit only first page results.

So to get Higher traffic on your website you need to Rank on first page in Google’s Search engine results.

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Recently Backlinko Conducted a study and analyse one million Search engines result pages on Google.

They want to figure out the common factor among websites that ranked in top 10 results.

They figured out the common factor for rankling is Average Page Load Speed.

Top Ranking websites loads faster than other websites.

The bounce rate is also lower in top 10 websites in comparision of other page’s websites.

Top ranking website’s loading speed is under 3 Sec. So if your website’s loading speed is more than that then you need to fix the issues and make your website faster.

If your Website opens under 3 Sec, it will double the traffic on your website and that double traffic will double you revenue.

How to Diagnose Your Site For Desktop & Mobile Version?

There could be any problem that Slow down page speed of your site.

Sometimes Using large sized Images can be a problem. Because Images will be a major part of any site that makes it alive.

Reader will more understand the topic with Images. So there are many images used in any site. and to Optimize Images will be your first task.

Sometimes Too Many redirects can slow down your site. There can be any problem that will decrease your website’s Page Speed.

So to fix the problems to speed up your website, You need to know the exact problems.

To Know about problems You need to Check your website’s speed.

For this Visit Google PageSpeed Insights. This is a Free tool provided by Google so you can trust this tool more than other tools.

Just Type your website’s Url and Click on Analyse, it takes few seconds. this tool provides you the exact speed of your website For desktop and amp version also.

sdigitalworld pagespeed test
Google PageSpeed Insights

All the problems that slow down your site will shown downside of that page. So According to problems Fix them to speed Up your site.

The best Part of Google PageSpeed Insights is that you get every problem with exact solution .so it will be easy to solve those problems and make your site faster.

Amp Test

You get every single problem and solution for the causes that slow down your site.

For AMP version just add /amp to your site’s Url and Analyse. You get the loading speed of your site in amp version.

Amp Pagespeed insights
Amp Test

The Best speed If your website loads under 3 Seconds. If your site takes time more than that then you need to fix the issues and speed up your website.

Best Proven Ways To Get Perfect PageSpeed Score

To get 90% Plus Score In Google PageSpeed Insights, You need to spent some time to fix some problems. It is not that easy task.

If you are focusing only on your content it can’t be helpful to gain great amount of traffic. you also need to take care about your site’s Page Speed.

You need to spent some time daily to improve your site’s speed. it is not easy some times it takes time to fix some problems.

If you want More traffic on your site, You need to work on it daily.

Here are some proven ways to get 90% plus score in Google PageSpeed Insights.

1. Image Compression

Images are the major part of any site. to use images with high size will make your website slow. it takes more time to load.

You need to fix it and the solution is Image Compression.

When you compress images, it will decrease the size of images without loosing it’s Quality.

There are many Online tools that you can use to compress images. But If you are using wordpress you don’t need to do it manually. it will automatically work to compress your site’s images.

For wordpress you just need to install and activate plugins. there are tons of image compression plugins available on wordpress.

Compress JPG & PNG Images is One of the best image Compression plugin. it is free of cost so you can easily install and activate it on your wordpress dashboard.

Image Compression
Compress Images

This Plugin is developed by Tinypng which is also a free online image compression tool.It works great.

You just need to activate this plugin and this plugin compress all the images without loosing image’s quality.

This Plugin has no image file size limits for compression.

it also support GIF and PNG image formats.This Plugin provides a dashboard widget to manage uses and compression statistics.

This plugin allows automatic image optimization for new uploads and bulk optimization for older images on your website.

Second best wordpress plugin for image compression is Smush Image Compression and Optimization.

Smush Image Compressor
WP Smush

This One is a premium plugins with best features.

With the help of this plugin, you are able to compress all images automatically. The image optimization is not done on your servers which drops load on your website.

It is compatible with GIF, PNG, JPEG Image files.

This plugin compress new upload images automatically. it compress images without loosing image’s quality.

Set Height and width and this plugin automatically rescale all the images.

So these both plugins works great to compress all images. This will help you to speed up your website.

And if you are not using wordpress then you can compress images manually.

There are many free online tools available. you can compress images using those tools.

When You implement this you will surely get better results.

2. Minify Html

Minifying Html Coading can be a major factor to improve your website’s speed.

Minify Html
Minify Html

Sometimes your html coading is filled with unnecessary data that slow down your site’s speed. So to increase your score 90% Plus in google PageSpeed Insights, you need to minify Html.

You can Use Plugins if you are using wordpress. there are many free plugins available on wordpress that can easily minify your site’s Html Coading.

If you are not using wordpress then there are many free online tools are available to minify your Html coading.

If you want to do it by youself then you should be a coading expert.

I suggest you do use plugins to minify Html coading. these plugins will shortened your site’s Html code as much as possible and remove all unnecessary data.

You can search for Minify Html in your wordpress plugins section. and when you activate it, you will surely get an improvement in your site’s page speed.

With the help of this plugin you can easily setup and minify Html and Javascript files. enable that option and save it.

After Implementing this you will surely get Good Score in google pagespeed insights.

3. Use Browser Caching

Browser Caching can be a another option to speed up your website.

When someone visit your website, it takes a lot of efforts like page load, Images load and deals with heavy Html, Java script, CSS Coading.

If someone visit your site again, This Process will happen all over again. Because of this your site takes too long to load.

Here Brower Caching can help you to speed up your website.

If anyone revisits your site then it remembers the previous loaded resources So it doesn’t have to reload all resources every single time.

it helps your site to load faster. If you are using wordpress then you can do it Just following some easy steps.

There are a lot of Cache Plugins available this time.

My First recommendation is W3 Total Cache Plugin. it is the most popular Cache plugin this time.

W3 Total Cache Plugin
W3 Total Cache

This plugin has One Million Plus active installations.

This will give you better results, in just few days you will notice that your website is loading fast. it will help you to achieve great score in Google PageSpeed Insights.

you just need to install and activate this plugin in your wordpress dashboard.

It has also an option to minify Html, CSS, Java Script Files. you can enable it to get better results. This is a free plugin.

If you want to get better results more than that then my second recommendation is WP Rocket Plugin. If you can invest some money in that then it is the best cache plugin.

WP Rocket Plugin for pagespeed
WP Rocket

This Plugin is premium so you get more options to setup. This one is the easiest and beginner friendly caching plugin.

This Plugin Crawls your wordpress pages to build up the cache. you get many other extra features so if you can invest then use WP Rocket.

It is sure after intalling this you will notice a big change in your site’s loading speed.

4. Using AMP Version

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google implement this to help mobile pages load faster.

This time everyone is using smartphones. They choose to search on their smartphones more than desktops. So if they visit your website then it takes too long to load in mobile Devices.

AMP works for that when you make your website AMP Compatible. Then it automatically adjust your website for mobile. it loads faster than before.

Most of the popular sites have AMP Version for their site. So if you are visiting any website that will be the mobile compatible version.

You also notice that your website’s visitors are using AMP Version of your site more than the actual desktop version.

For this if you are using wordpress then there are many plugins available that will make an amp version for your website.

I recommend you to use AMP For WP plugin. This is the most popular plugin on wordpress.

Amp For WP for page speed

This Plugin also includes AMP Page builder from there you can easily drag and drop elements.

It is the easiest way to create AMP- Friendly Content. You just need to install and activate this plugin in your wordpress dashboard.

You get some free themes that you want to use for Amp version.

It will automatically adjust you site’s pages for mobiles. So whenever anyone visits your site in mobile then your site loads it’s amp version.

It will increase your websites loading speed for amp version and helps you to increase website traffic.


If you are working on your website for a time then your website should be perfect. you are writing and posting articles on your website or doing any other work.

Purpose can be different but behind that it’s all your hard work that you are doing on your website every single day.

So your website should be perfect and fast. If your website is slow then follow the steps that i told you.

First analyse your website on Google PageSpeed Insights. Find out the problems that is affecting your site’s speed and fix all the causes.

Normally common problems are Big size images, Not using browser caching etc. so you need to fix them all.

It is easy to fix all the problems if you are using wordpress. You just need to install and activate plugins.

when you fix these problems you notice the changes.

These are the proven methods that every pro blogger is using.

When you implement all the things you will surely get 90% Plus score on Google PageSpeed Insights.

Which Plugins You are using to speed up your website?

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