10 Tips to become a Successful Blogger
10 Tips to Become a Successful Blogger

10 Tips to become a Successful Blogger

To become Successful in blogging is a dream of every blogger. But to be a successful blogger you need to do a lot of hard work. If you are passionate about your work, you can do it. But it takes time so you have to wait and keep doing hard work.

If you have writing skills and you are fond of writing then you can be a successful blogger.You have to take care about every single thing that is important to do.

If You started your blog just to earn money, it is hard to be a successful blogger. Yes Money is a important factor but you have to focus on your work first. when you make your blog popular then you also earn passive amount of money from your blog. so first focus on your work.

I know first few monthes will be hard for you to continue your blog. Some times you need to be motivated. then search for succesful bloggers and read their journey. you can also watch videos on youtube to motivate yourself.

If you think to quit your blog then think about your work that you already did. and think about after quiting your blog, You have to start as a beginner. so just have patience.

So In this Article we will tell you the points that you need to follow to be a successful blogger.

Let’s Jump in to the Article.

1. Select Niche For Your Blog

Before Starting your blog you have to prepare for everything. First thing is to choose a Niche For your blog. to choose a perfect niche for your blogs depends on your Interest.

Create a profitable blogging niches. choose from your interest for what you will love to write. Don’t choose if you don’t like any particular niche.

Niches like if you have knowledge about technology and you can write on it then you can choose it. if you like to review electronic items like smartphones,DSLR, washing machines etc. choose that one.

If you like gaming and you have knowledge about it then choose gaming niche.

you have to write articles on any particular niche so choose according to your interest.

2. Theme Selection

A Big Mistake that New Bloggers usually do that is theme selection. If you are using wordpress it is perfect to get many attractive themes. You can easily change your theme. just have to install and activate your theme. it takes less than 1 minute.

But the mistake that many new bloggers do that is they choose more attractive themes.

It is better to choose attractive themes but the loading time is also high of these themes. that is why if you use those themes your website’s speed will be slow. That’s not good for you. it affects your website’s traffic.

So choose a simple theme that will help you to increase your website’s speed.

i have some suggestions for you.

  • Astra
  • OceanWP
  • Divi
  • Hestia

These are the best themes. Choose according to your website.

3 . Do Keyword Research

Before Writing Articles, Doing Keyword Research is an essential thing. you have to know about the Traffic on that keyword and the difficulty status. Because if you choose hard difficulty keyword you have to compete with many bloggers.

so try to choose long tail keywords to rank your article fast and also get high traffic.

For Example If you choose seo that is high traffic and high difficulty keyword. so it is hard to beat other popular websites with this keyword.so make it long tail keyword like How to do Seo?, What is seo? etc. you can get good ranking fast.

There are many tools that you can use to do keyword research. One of the most popular keyword research tool is ahref. Many Popular Bloggers use this tool. This is a paid tool you have to pay for using this tool.

But There are many popular free keyword Research Tools.

Use These Free Tools to do keyword Research.

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ubersuggest
  • Smallseotools
9 tips to become a successful blogger

4. Write High Quality Content

After Choosing Blog niche, You need to publish high quality content articles. Content is a Important factor.That’s why We say “Content is the King”.To rank on search engines you need to write high quality content articles.

after keyword research visit websites which are on the top for that keyword. analyse those website’s articles and after that write an article to cover all the information that are on those websites.

Remember that do not copy any part from any website. write an unique and high quality content article. And that will rank on search engines.

when you write high quality content articles you will be a successful blogger in some time.write at least 1500 words articles or more than that.Because mostly ranked articles have 1500 or more than words. So to rank your articles you have to write 1500 minimum words articles.

5. Do Proper SEO

You have take care of Seo to rank your articles with in some time. It is essential thing to do.

SEO has two types.

  • Onpage SEO
  • Offpage SEO

When you write article take care of on page seo. Like Permalink, Keyphrase, Meta Description, Image Alt tags etc. when you do proper seo for all the articles It is easy to rank your articles on google’s first page.

After Publishing your Article take care of Offpage SEO. Like Backlinks,Webmaster tool submission etc.

you can be a successful blogger if you rank your website for many keywords.The More keywords will rank on search engine’s first page the more traffic you get.

SEO has not any rocket science. When you understand once it will easy to do.

6. Be consistent

Consistency is the key of success in blogging. you have to update your blog every day to make your blog popular. when you update your blog every day, Visitors attract to your blog and they will visit your blog regularly. When you get more traffic on your blog, you blog will start ranking in search engines.it makes your blog popular. maintain the consistency means post every day on your website.

If your blog is brand new you have to work a lot on it to become a successful blogger. it is essential to publish a post every day on your website.

That’s why news websites rank easily in search engines because they update their website everyday and provide a fresh content.

You have to update your blog if your website is a news website or not. in both conditions you need to update your blog everyday that will help you to get massive traffic and a good ranking.when you get this your blog will be popular and you will be a successful blogger.

7. Challenge Yourself

I know writing a post can be a difficult task but before writing you need to visit top websites and read their articles. it will help you to gain knowledge about that topic and you can write freely after reading articles.

For this you have to come out from your comfort zone. Don’t write more articles on same topic, Visitors can be bored. Write some knowledgeable and interesting articles. don’t copy anyone try to answer all the questions that visitors want to know.

Give time to your blog. you have to work hard to make your blog popular. it is not that easy task. you have to make a effective strategy and need to work hard on it.

For this you have to challenge yourself. Give your 100% in your work and it is sure you will get results.

8. Don’t Stop Learning

To get Knowledge about something it is very important to learn. You have to read many articles before writing your article.If you are a new blogger it’s very essential to read and learn about the topics related to your blog’s niche.

You need to learn about SEO and other essential things. If you have some months Experience in blogging, don’t think you know all about blogging. blogging is too wide. there are of things that you need to know.

you have to learn about many new updates in blogging that will help you to rank faster.

How to become a successful blogger

9. Analyze Other Websites

If you want to be successful in blogging. you have to analyze other websites to know about them.When you start blogging, pick some top websites that are related to your blog’s niche.

Analyzing those websites will help you to make the right strategy to write a post.

First do keyword research then search that keyword in google search engine. visit all the websites those are on the first page. read their articles on that keyword and after reading all articles, write your post that have all the information that all websites provided.

That will help you to rank your post faster.

10. Don’t Take any Shortcut

There is no shortcut in blogging. so if you are thinking about that forget it. Many new bloggers don’t write articles by themselves. they copy from other websites and paste on their posts. that is the reason their posts will not rank on google search engine.

It takes time to write a unique article i know, but if you want to be successful in blogging you need to write unique articles. when you use data from other websites google will easily find out.It is called article spinning.

If you want to write like other websites write by yourself in your language.because your article should be unique.

so these are some points that you will need to follow. don’t take any shortcut be a hard worker.


So these are the tips that every new blogger should need to follow.when you follow all the tips your posts will start ranking and after that you will be a successful blogger.

it is hard and difficult but if you have passion then it is sure you can do it. blogging is not easy it seems to be easy in starting. but when you do it for some months it will be difficult.

Don’t loose hope keep working and you will definately get success in blogging.if it is about money you can earn a lot of money from doing blogging. so it is not only part time work but also a full time job. you can earn more than your job from blogging.

So work hard and wait. you will be a successful blogger.

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