10 Proven Tips To Make your Blog Popular
Tips To Make Your Blog Popular

10 Proven Tips To Make your Blog Popular

If you are a new blogger and you are not getting good amount of traffic on your website, This Article “10 Proven Tips To Make Your Blog Popular” will help you. The main problem of every new blogger is to get low amount of traffic. If you didn’t get good traffic on your website you can not earn money from your blog.

If you are using Adsense and Affiliate Marketing both to monetize your blog. you can’t earn any amount if you get low amount of traffic. so to earn money from your blog you need to work for some months using right strategy.

you need to rank your articles on search engines and improve your website ranking to achieve high traffic on your website. To make your blog popular you need to follow some points. and in this article we will tell you about best tips to make your blog popular.

Some people start their blog and they just work for 2 or 3 months. After working 3 months they quit blogging. But it is not enough time to rank your website.you have to be patient If you want to be successful in blogging.

Remember That You can earn money from blogging. but you will have to work and wait.

To motivate youself before quiting remember why you started. If you are one of them who follow their passion and if you have writing skills then you can be famous blogger with your hard work. You need to write that are demanding and if your article have all the information that people need then it will rank on search engine’s first page.

.So without any delay let’s jump in to the Article.

Make Your Blog Popular

1.Customize your Blog Unique

The Important Factor for any blog is that how you customize your blog. The perfect Eye Catching Theme will help your blog to get more traffic in comparision of others. The right options like Menus and sidebar, you have to customize.

I know Content is the king for any blog. but Think if you write high quality content and publish on your website and you website is not well managed it affect your blog. Your blog should be attractive.

Most users used the themes that other famous bloggers use but i recommend not to do this. Choose theme according to your blog. You need to take care of speed which theme load fast choose that theme.

It is very easy to customize your website. in wordpress you can enable preview with all settings. So try to customize your blog and give your blog an attractive look.It will definately work to make your website popular. i am not saying only with customization of your website you get good ranking soon.it is one of the step that you should follow to make your blog popular.

Use Templates and Set up buttons and other things to give an attractive look to your blog. it is an important factor so don’t skip this step.

2. Write High Quality Content

This Step is most important to follow. Your website’s Content matters a lot. If you write high quality Content then your posts will rank on First page of search engines.

To make your website popular you need to publish hight quality content post. then it is easy to increase traffic of your website.This time when you search for any topic you get many articles on that particular one topic. so you have to beat other websites to rank your post. for that your post’s content should be great. try to write some unique posts that are different from others.

Before writing any post search that keyword and analyse first 5 website’s post. then decide the points that you need to put in your post. Remember that don’t copy from any website. you article should be unique to rank on search engines.

Do keyword Research First. after that visit websites that are ranked for that keyword. then start writing with some unique points.

3. Start Guest Posting

If you are good at writing content then it’s benificial to do Guest posts. Find out the popular websites that are related to your blog niche. Find The websites which allows guest posting.

Try to choose some interesting and trending topic. Write an Article on it and post on that website. It’s benifit is to attract visitors from other popular websites.If they approve your guest post then from that website you get a backlink and you get starting traffic from that website.

So it is good and essential for new bloggers to make their blog popular in some time.

Don’t try to get only backlink from that website. try to write quality content that visitors need if you you impress them with your article, they will definately visit your website for more articles.And this is the way to get good amount of traffic and make your website popular.

This time many of popular websites allow paid guest posts. so if you want to do guest post on those websites you have to pay for this. Many of popular websites allows guest posting for free you can visit those websites and do guest posts.

4. Blog Frequently

If you have a new blog or older, Visitors always look for fresh content. If you don’t provide fresh content they will leave your blog and will search for another one.

Don’t Publish a blog only once in a week. because readers wait for fresh content if you don’t provide them if will decrease your website traffic which is not good for ranking.Google also rank those websites which has fresh content means their website will updated.

I know sometimes you get busy or you don’t want to write anything. Publish atleast 3 to 4 posts in a week. i am talking to publish posts daily.keep updated your website with fresh content. Because If your Competitor’s websites are updated with fresh content every day then it is hard to beat them.when you can’t beat them, you can’t rank your articles in search engines and this will affect your blog’s traffic badly.

If you don’t want to compromise with your blog’s traffic then keep publishing articles and make your website updated.

5. Do Proper SEO

To Make your Blog famousThat means your most of the posts will rank on google seach engine’s first page. To Rank your Articles you need to do proper SEO.

SEO is an Important factor to rank your articles and your Website. Without proper SEO you can’t rank your website. so while writing article Keep in mind that it’s SEO friendly or not.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization.There are two Types of SEO.

  • Onpage SEO
  • Offpage SEO

in Onpage SEO you have to take care about The headings that you use, Keyphrase, Meta Description etc.

In Offpage SEO you have to take care about Creating Backlinks etc.

So you have to do proper onpage and offpage SEO to rank your posts.

To know about SEO in deatail, Read these Articles.

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6. Promote On Social Media Plateforms

Social media is the best plateform to gain traffic for your website.Because In every social plateform there are millions of people connected. First Create an account on these social plateforms.

After creating account create your blog page on Facebook. when you publish articles on your website after that don’t forget to share on every social plateform. It will definately help you to get Good amount of traffic on your website.Create Pages on Social plateforms and linked to your website this will help you to gain followers on your blog page.

Join pages That are related to your blog niche. and after publishing on your website share your article on every pages.That will help you to get great traffic on your website. and when you get more traffic on your website. you can earn more money form Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

You can also promote your articles on these plateforms with paid promotion.

If you want to earn 1000$ per month from your blog read this.

How To Make Money From Blogging -1000$ Per Month

7. Create an Youtube Channel

Creating a Youtube Channel Is an good option for your blog. Youtube is Most Popular search engine for videos. to create an youtube channel for your blog is a good decision.

You have to write articles for your blog to publish and if you create Youtube channel and cover that topic in a video then it is more benificial for visitors. Create videos on those articles that you are published.and link those videos in your article. and when you publish videos on youtube give your blogs link in that video. that will help you to gain a lot of traffic on your website.

People will more understand when they get videos on the articles.When you gain more subscribers on youtube then the traffic on your website will also increase.

you can also earn passive amount of money from youtube. monetize your youtube channel and double your income source.

Like blogging you can earn money from youtube by monetizing with Adsense and using Affiliate Links.

8. Write on Trending Topics

This also wil help you to get traffic instant. Write on viral topics that people are searching more. If you write high quality content on that viral topic, when your article rank you get passive amount of traffic on your blog.

You can use Google Trends to find out the trending topics from all over the world. If your article ranked you get 2x traffic on your website that will help you to make your blog popular.

when you write and publish articles on Trending topics, visitors will not get bored. people are more searching about that viral topic so you get more traffic.

When you write on trending topics you get a great response from social media plateforms. people who are on social media they will react on trending Topics more than normal one.

So visit Google trends and find out the trending topics and write a quality content article and publish on your website. after publishing share your article on social media plateforms that you are using and on your blog’s social pages.

9. Reply Your Comments

Reply your website’s comments is too essential. when you publish any article on your website, The visitors will read your article and if they have any queries they will ask.So you have to answer their question and if they have any problem then resolve their issues in your reply.

It increase user engagement to your website. When visitors get reply they will suggest others to visit your website. you can increase your website’s traffic with this.

But pay attention on spam comments. do not approve spam comments on you website. you get many plugins on wordpress. when you install and activate plugin after that you will not receive any spam comment. that is good for you. personally i use a wordpress plugin named Anti-spam. you can also use this plugin to stay away from spam comments.

approve genuine comments and reply to them. this will help you to get good amount of traffic on your website.and it will also help you to get good ranking.

When you reply to your comments. this will develop strong bond and trust with your website’s visitors. and they will always visit your website and recommend to others.

10. Use Q & A websites

Using Question & Answer websites will also help your blog to increase traffic on your website.There are some popular Q & A websites.

create an account on those websites and select Your blog niche.After selecting niche You got question related to your blog niche. Answer those questions and drop a link of your website.When anyone search for answers for that question and visit your answer then he click that link and redirected to your website.

Here i have a list of top Question & Answer Websites.

Best Top Q & A Websites –

  • Quora
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Linked In Answers
  • Super User
  • Mind The Book
  • Answers.Com

Use these websites and increase your website traffic.it will help you to make your blog popular.


This Time To make your blog popular is not that easy. for this you have to work hard. you can improve your website’s ranking and make your brand new blog popular using these tips.

follow these points and i am sure that you will definately get great results.

In This Article we shared all essential points that you should follow to get good amount of traffic and good ranking.It is not easy but if you focus on these points you can surely do this.

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